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09 June 2008

Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore

I told you before, that the director of our Archaeological Group of Salerno asked me to organize for our members a visit to the Necropolis of Pizzone in Nocera Superiore where I live. The problem with this archaeological excavation is that it's always close. Normally, these places are open by the volunteers of archaeological groups, but the Archeoclub of Nocera Inferiore has not enough members, I think. And there are too many interesting and historically important monuments. So I offered myself to be a guide for the "Open Doors" manifestation and the problem was solved for me.

Unfortunatelly I had only 2 days for preparation before I went to ritrit in Pozzuoli, but I hope I did it good.

Here I want to write some posts about this Necropolis. And the first is about the street where it was built.

Residents of Nuceria Constantia wanted to make special impression on the traveller leaving the town with this Necropolis, I think. They dug 60 meters of the street 3 meters under the country-level. You see the board behind the mausoleums (on the right).

Romans used to bury their deceased around the main roads going out from their towns. These street was very large (10 meters) and divided in 3 parts -it's difficult, but you can see it on the second photo. Near the mausoleums you can see places where the traveller could sit "and meditate about the fate".

We could not see the covering of the street from high, so the first visitors and than I too, we went down and found stones that delimitate boards of the center of roman street. Interesting is that you can not understand how large it is when you look at it from high. Sincerely, I don't know why this street has not the cover of stone blocks. I saw roman streets in different parts of Italy, they were all made from stone blocks. Maybe those were more important streets...

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