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09 June 2008

Mausolei Of Gens Cornelia And Gens Lutatia

In these posts we are visiting places of interest for tourists in Nocera Superiore in Province of Salerno:
First part Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore
Second Part Mausoleum of Gens Numisia

In these posts we are visiting the places of interest in Province of Salerno, Italy.
Next part of our trip in the history of Nuceria Constantia demonstrates us the very great importance of this town in the region. It's enough to remember the names of the families who lived there in that period.

On the photo here you see mausoleum of gens Cornelia. Follow my advise, click on the photo and see it in the original size to have right impression. Now imagine that on the right and on the left ledge there are statues of lying lions that protect peace of the persons buried there. And there is the upper part of this building with the cupola.

Well, you have to know that gens Cornelia was one of the 100 original families of Rome. This is an other monument remembering us about the most important families of Rome.
Gens Lutatia was a family of plebeian origins, but in 242 bC one of it's members, Gaius Lutatius Catulus, won Carthaginian fleet and later they had other heroes, so in the I centurty bC this family was very important.

This mausoleum was built to bury "a 17-years old boy of noble origins that had splendid future for him and was more beautiful as a god, but the goddesses of freshwater, Naiads, took him with them".
This other monument I did not know what family belongs to . It seems it has to be built after the eruption of 79 dC. There is not so much information about other parts of Necropolis. This monument was burried to preserve it's down part, I think.

The down part of the street was filled up with ashes by the eruption of Vesuvio and floods. The upper part of these monuments was visible and people used stones and statues to create latest burial places.


  1. And tell us so much about the life of the persons.


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