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28 April 2009

Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

What a great way to teach history to the children! Go to gettysburg camping and step back in the time. There you live on the historic border between North and South, can visit battlefield and the cemetary for the soldiers, take part at the events of the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort that want to remember American Civil War.

Well, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort is not only about the war. You can explore Pennsylvania countryside and enjoy it's beauty during your stay at rv camping gettysburg where you will find a park, a river and a lake, all the possibilities for fishing and relax on water and walking trails. Maybe you prefere swimming pool? You will find it there too. The stay in the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort is very funny because there are many different attractions and things to do.

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort is the best pa rv camping. It is situated not far from different important and very interesting cities. Even the nation's capital is only 1 hour and half of drive away from it. But you will find eveything you can desire near your RV. A store and cafè and ice-creams for your children. To feel it more relaxing, they offer 3 days and 2 nights of free camping.


  1. I don't like the idea of war. If learning about it teaches the young children to stop fighting, then probably it's worth it. I have heard of students in class getting worked up over wars that caused the death of their people and started to hate instead of to love.

  2. Human mind is difficult to understand. Probaly the result of every educational event dipends from the circumstances, the "teachers" and maybe many other things.

  3. Resort like Gettysburg battlefield is just like other resort. Resort that will give you fun and adventure. Though it's a battlefield before, what we only reminisce is history of the place and how the heroes fight for their freedom.

  4. You are surely right. What changes is the personal impressions of the persons visiting these places. One feels good here, other likes there...


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