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27 April 2009

What Are Our Men Looking For

In this difficult for many persons period when everybody looks not only for cheap tours and flights but often remains home, touroperators adopt every modern psychological tool to give to the tourists all they can desire. So the surveys are very popular. One of these wanted to discover what men and women look for when they plan their vacations.

The result was surprizing in one sense.

Yes, men and women want relax, when they go in vacation.
But men want
1/ sex
2/ sightseeings
3/ sport
4/ parties

women are interested in
1/ sightseeings
2/ shopping
3/ sex
4/ sport
(parties wanted less than 1% of women)

Both men and women say bad weather and bad hotel are the reasons of the ruined vacation.

Dear women, so don't believe your husband if he wants to go alone in vacation!!!

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