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04 April 2009

Your Vacation In Park Hotel In Jesolo, Italy

There is a place of your dream-vacation in Italy, hotel jesolo, that is situated not far from one of the most important touristic centers, Venice, but is remote enough from the intense traffic, so that nothing can disturb your desire of relax when you are there.

This hotel is built on the seafront and you can enjoy the sea-sight at every time. You can see how is the situation there even now, if you open the site, because the hotel has webcams, on at anytime. Would you like to greet your relatives directly from the beach of your hotel? No problem.

Well, some persons prefere to remain near a swimming pool because they don't like sea-water. hotel jesolo lido has everything you can need to feel happy in the vacation. Two pools equipped with whirlpool massage and a private garden where you can not only lay in the sun during the daytime. It is possible to have breakfast in the morning on the terrace there too. By the way, you can get it so as you use to. Even if you have special diets or prefere biological food. And the restaurant of the hotel offers you to pass romantic time by the candlelight.

A good vacation is for modern persons surely not only sea-watching. We like to visit shops and buy souvenirs. Jesolo is a nice town. And the hotel is situated near the main shopping street that is very good for a walk in the evening because closed for traffic.

To make your vacation unforgettable the team of the hotel 4 stelle jesolo will assist you in any necessities. You will find professional stuff here and excellent services. The internal style of the holte will enjoy your eyes. There are different categories of rooms and you can have all your family with you.

At least but not the last are huge discounts that the hotel offers for those who wants to stay there for more than 7 nights. Visit the site to see the offers of this year.


  1. Hey!
    Great post,the hotel sounds have good location especial, the seafront that we can enjoy the sea-sight at every time.The fully equippped entertainment facilities, food supply and other convenience to tempted me to visit the hotel.Thanks for sharing us.

  2. I always see Venice being featured in movies. I dream of being there!

  3. I was in Venice, Footiam, many years ago. Sincerely, I was impressed more by enormous crowds of people there and the bad smell from the chanels. We bought a map and tryed to walk non main streets to have possibility to make some steps there. Than the gondols were incredibly expensive. We had money but it was an unreachable sum. It was 150 000 lire for 1 person when we were there. It has to be 150 or more euros today.

  4. When we watch movies, the channels do not smell. Venice looks so beautiful!

  5. Certainly, every impression is personal and dipends from what we have inside in that precise moment.

    And from the talent of the cameraman.

  6. Looks like a lovely place to travel to.Thanks. Nice Blog!

  7. Thank you for this words. You are Welcome!


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