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25 July 2009

Healing Qualities Of Volcano Solfatara

In my precedent posts I began to tell you ab out Solfatara, a sleeping volcano in Pozzuoli, not far from Naples.Read and watch Two Volcanoes Of Campania/ Italy. In that post we began our walk in the cratere and could look at it from a high point called Belvedere, "beautiful view".

Solfatara is famous from the first times humans found it. I meen, from Greeks and before them. There is therapeutic mud, steam and water here. Today I want to show you, how healing water was extracted in Middle Ages.

From the place where we were last time we could see a little tower on the right side, near the corner of the map. And it's the black point ON the map too, right side in the bottom.


There are little windows and it's possible to look inside to understand the process.





There were infinite places where it was possible to cure different parts of the body in the old times. And I read about it in the historical texts. Many springs were public and free. I wanted to know if there ar free places today. I asked about them my friends that live in that zone. But they have never heard about them. They know that there are 2-3 terms with healing bathes etc but they are all paid.

I remembered the termal springs in Caucasus where I lived some years. They were public. Everybody could drink that water. I thought, it has to be similar here too... But...

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