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24 July 2009

Roman Roads And Sidewalks

Римские улицы

When you visit Roman towns and roads you surely notice the geat tear and wear of the stones of the roadway covering. First you think, there was so great movement of the cars in that period. Than, Pompei was not so much time Roman colony to ruin these stones so... But than you notice some interesting peculiarities. Look at these next photos.

Римские улицы

Римские улицы

Римские улицы

Years ago the guide said me, the big stones are to cross the way when it rains. But if you see attentively, the ruts are in "special" places. And the stones are placed so that the car HAD to pass VERY slowly and ONLY this rut! :0)))

Finally, it wants to meen that all the cars had to have equal sizes! Distance between the wheels, height till the case...

And this meens that the high sidewalks were useful not only to avoid high water when rains but to protect persons from the road

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