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21 July 2009

Two Volcanoes Of Campania/ Italy

Well, this year I write much about volcanoes of this zone. There are 2 of them here: Vesuvius and Solfatara.
These posts are about Vesuvius
And this is the first posts about Solfatara How Some Trees Can Grow and В Кратере Вулкана

In this post I want to show you the way to this volacano. It's interesting, you can even not imagine you can find a crater of a "half-asleep" volcano here. You can not see it from the way like Vesuvius for example, but the residents feel it. Not only the sulfure that it breathes out sometimes in big enough quantities but mostly because it moves it's "breast" -all the soil of the zone- when it breathes. They go up-down, up-down. The Greek town is under the sea today and you can see it if you take a boot.

Follows in the next posts.

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