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27 May 2009

Direct TV Moves With Me

My husband can't live without TV. He passes hours and hours with this his "friend". So, we were interested to fnd a dealer that will offer us many channels, good quality and good costs. Collegues told him about www.DirectSatTV.com and we've sweetched to it. We are content: we have over 130 digital quality picture and sound channels (except others) and the costs are beyond all doubt more interesting as we had before.

I'm not interested in sports and games that are featured in www.DirectSatTV.com, it's my husband that is a fan of them. I don't understand men: everyday he has to watch all the news and Sunday is now a Holyday, all dedicated to sports. He watches every game of NFL SUNDAY TICKET every Sunday now.

Well, the good news was we will find www.DirectSatTV.com in California when we move there. Customer service is one of the best nationwide. And than we had free installation in 4 rooms and free handling and delivery because ordered online. I can watch my HD documentaries and local channels and my husband has his sports and news at any time he wants them. Happy family with happy TV solution. Do you think, it's a joke? No. It's reality.


  1. nice post
    Enjoy the television debasis

  2. :0)))
    I really like the documentaries. Specially about nature.


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