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31 May 2009

Why Is It Nocera "Inferiore"

Here on the photo is Nocera Inferiore, a little "town" on one side of the "plate" with the center of Vesuvio, volcano. The mountains are situated round the Vesuvio, about 10 km from it. So if you post the volcano on the right of this photo and go more right, you will arrive to Sarno and the mountains over it.

Here on the second photo is the part of Nocera Superiore. With Vesuvio on the background. And there is Nocera Inferiore too.

So you can understand the difference. Nocera Inferiore ("low") are many very little settlings in the lower part of the valley. Nocera Superiore ("higher") are many settlings situated on the hill part of the territory of Nocera.

If you are interested in the antique history, the territory of Nocera was the place of many impressionant and tragic human stories. And was very important town from IX cent. BC till around VII century.


  1. А где вы живёте, наверху или внизу?

  2. А мы ещё "холмее". Если на второй фотке, то справа. А ещё можно попробовать вот здесь посмотреть, например.

  3. Да, между прочим, если на первой фотографии на дальней горе где-то почти посредине склона перейти на другую сторону, то это будет Сорренто.


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