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12 May 2009

Fuji And Vesuvio

Фудзи и тюльпаны
«Фудзи и тюльпаны» на Яндекс.Фотках

I've never written about Japan here. So I wanted to correct this error.

After the last earthquacke in Abruzzo we speak an think relatively often about Japan. Because this country is also situated in a place where the earthquackes are often but we rarely hear that the Japanese have so many problems with them as Italy has. How is it possibe? Maybe there is nobody who invents to build houses with sand there. Maybe it's unpossible there. For Italy the 5 grades earthquacke was a national tragedy. Is something like this possible in Japan? Did you know that the scientists from Japan came to visit Abruzzo after the last earthquacke?

Mount Fuji on the photos over is 3.776 m high. It's the highest mount in Japan. (Wikipedia)

Mount Vesuvio, that is situated not far from our house, is not so high, only 1281 m. On the photo from Wikipedia it is seen from satellite. Do you note the difference between these two satellite photos? No one house round the Fuji and only houses around Vesuvio. You hardly can find a piece of earth there. 

Everybody knows that this vulcano has to erupt in the next years. Somebody says next 15 years more or less...
«Везувий» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. Can't imagine living near a volcano. It sounds so dangerous. There is no volcano in my country, thanks goodness!

  2. ...but there are other "interesting" things... Maybe because I did not live the events like earthquackes etc I do not "understand" what it is really about.


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