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20 April 2010

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo

We have many fantasies about the life in the previous centuries. One of them is the beautiful idea about their homes and trips. Our interpretation of it you can see in the show of "the Celtic Tiger", my new discovery in YouTube. I adore this group and maybe have watched all their shows presented there. This one has a near to me interpretation of the waves (specially at the beginning)

This show remembered me an interesting museum that I would like to visit once: The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Why I think it has to be so interesting? I was in the historical museums in Finland where there are not only things (original or not) that are signs of the life in the past. What I liked much, there were entire scenes presented in that museums. Such presentations are very useful to make the history something "alive" for us.

In Oslo you can see the real ships of the vikings that were brave sailors, traiders, raiders and colonists. You surely know that they had techniques that are not clear for modern scientists.

By the way, in the BBC's Ancient history in-depth/Vikings there is very interesting collection of the articles about Vikings and everything about them.

любимой норвегии посвящается
«любимой норвегии посвящается» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. There is just a small ship museum somehere south but I didn't bother to go in. Very small compared to the one seen here.

  2. I'm not a fan of such museums too but I think we are attracted from the fantasy about heroic people.

    The museum there where you live could be interesting for the forms of the ships that are unusual. And we know that they have to be simple but the persons coud cross ocean using them.


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