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06 April 2017

How It Happened That I Visited Frankfurt am Main

This beautiful city I visited on my way to Italy after a ritrit. I normally buy the tickets online in advance and I had a flight from the airport of Frankfurt am Main. It was my first time there and I went directly in the airport just to take my flight. The surprize was that I came in a wrong airport. Because there are 2 of them there.

Nothing to do, I had to purchase a very very expensive ticket and had some long hours to wait for this flight.

Yes, it was terrible, but it was the only solution.

Immagine all the happiness I felt in that moment. But since it happend this way, I decided to visit the city.

I have to say you, it was a cultural chock for me. I did not expect to see such a strange and harmonious city with new and old buildings twisted perfectly together.

But the very best were the persons, the citizens there.
Everybody I asked about help tried to explain me what to do, where to go, how much time I have etc. They even went with me to show me the shortest way or the right platform in the metro... Honestly, I was afraid that I will have problems to turn back in the airport, but the residents were so friendly, so pacient with me.

The first I've seen when I came in the city were these different stalls. There were incalculable :-) varieties of fast food most of them I've never seen before. Everything was just ready for busy and hastening passengers of the trains. Probably, they come some later, because there were only some persons in the streets that morning.

Here are some shorts from Frankfurt am Main. Hope, I could show how beautiful is it.

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