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10 April 2017

Visit Historical Places: Where the Queen Drowned Her Lovers

Vesuvius influences the minds of the persons of all the times, I think. If you come to visit Naples or Amalfitan Coast, you will hear many many curious stories about the strange behaviour of their residents. Including ghost stories.

Vesuvius seen from Sorrento
This is one of them.

It happend when the old princess, sister of the king Ladislaus of Naples, became queen Johanna II of Naples. She is still very famous to change her favourites very frequently, some of them, young, she took in a roman villa not far from Sorrento where drowned them after a night of love. This is why they call it "Bagni della Regina" (Bath of the Queen)
It's what you will hear about her.

The truth is, probably, very different and the explanation of these legends is in the rich immagination of the subjects of the queen. But the ruins of the roman villa actually exist, they are spectacular, with a little "pond" with a tunnel to the sea
and they are easy and free to access.

How to reach this place, Bagni della Regina?

It's enough to take a bus to CAPO di Sorrento near the railway station of Sorrento, Circumvesuviana.
There are different busses that you can take to return than. They have tickets in the bus. This is why you do not need to buy 2 tickets (go and return) when you go to visit the ruins. The pricce of the ticket is about euro 1,20

What do you need for this visit?

It's enough to have your swimmwear.
The street that goes to the villa ("Roman Ruins") is narrow, but very good. There are rocks near the sea, but they are not difficult for a walk.
And there are some places where you can stay and swim.

And here are some photos to show you what you will see there:

Many boats take their passengers to the Baths of the Queen, Capo di Sorrento, Italy

Rocks under the ruins of roman villa, Capo di Sorrento, Italy

Rests of the floor mosaic of the Roman Ruins, Capo di Sorrento, Italy

On this "bridge" you will find a hole (visible from the water, too) that served to throw down unlucky favourite 

Be careful when you go down and up, too

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