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19 April 2017

Vietri Sul Mare - if You Arrived With a Train There

Amalfi Coast is caracterized by infinite stairways and it has to be hard to find the shortcuts, if you come for the first time there. You look for the roads and have to walk much more this way.

From the other side, not all persons feel comfortable to use stairs. Specially, if you have luggages with you...

I'll show you how to find stairways when you have to move on the Amalfi coast.

So, here we are arrived in Vietri Sul Mare with a train.
Personally, I've never seen this station (building) open, so I come there with a ticket that I purchase in an other place, always.

From the second track (Salerno direction) we have to go out where you see the cars on my first photo. You can go down long the car road, but there is a shortcut - stairscase just behind the cars.

There are not signs and you don't imagine it's a way you can use if you do not look for it. If you look for it carefully, yoou will see the pass on the left of the tree in the center.

Now, we go down this steps and see only the car road. But look with attention near the yellow pillar. Here it is! The next part of the stairway.

Here we go down on the main street. If you come with a car or with an autobus, you will pass this way. There is not an other possibility. We cross this way and find an other, short piece of the stairs.

Here it is, between two cars, grey and black.

And we are finally on our way to the center of Vietri Sul Mare, a local Capital Of Ceramics where you can find busses to all the towns of the coast.

I'm sure you will be surprized to see the works of the artisans. They are real artworks

All around the main square, there are many interesting works from ceramics, so if you have time to go round it, you will enjoy these creations of the artists of this art.  

Finally, the terrace opens a splendid creation of the nature in front of your eyes. If the weather is good, you can observe a part of the coast from there. I wish you a very beautiful vacation!

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