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20 February 2009

Carnival, Italy

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

24 of February is the day of the carnival here. They said it was opened in Venezia last Sunday, I think. There are not that big feasts as in North of Italy here. It is mostly for children. Even if you can see somebody wearing a costume in the street.

I remember, when I went to my friends as a tourist, there were different feasts "of a village" similar to carnival all the summer there. Residents of villages attracted tourists and visitors with these feasts and sold them everything they could. You could participate in a show, eat something made by the women of the village. One weekend it was in one village, other weekend in an other.

Storically the carnivals were organized to relieve tensions that the poor people had accumulated during the year because the life was too hard. In winter they had nothing to do and became aggressive. So the owners organized battles like orange-battle and similar. These usages exist in many cultures. In Italy, the carnival-time could continue even till 6 months.

Rea more in my post Carnival in Italy from Jan. 6, 2008

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. Это у тебя всё венцианские картики и маски. А есть местное что-нибудь?
    У нас завтра тоже шествие, но я не знаю, попаду или нет.

  2. Местное -это шествие для детей в Салерно. Моего мужа ничто такое не интересует, поэтому мы нигде на праздниках не бываем и фотографий, естемтвенно, нет.

  3. it is really an entertaining show.. how long is the event?

  4. Generally about 1 week everybody speaks about it. The feast is 1 day.


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