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22 February 2009

The Ghost Of Atlantis

The very fresh notice about the traces of Atlantis found thanks to Google Earth. Not far from Africa, 900 km-s from Canarians.

The island existed in about 9600 BC and was described by Plato.

From that time people look for it. Imagine how much could earn who will find it! All the tourists would go only there for different years. :-)))

I don't know how deep has to be the land of Atlantis, but there are different places on the Earth where you can book a boat and go in sea to "visit" antient towns that is possible to see when the weather is good and there are not waves. For example, you can do it in Pozzuoli, not far fron Naples. Unfortunatelly, I was in Pozzuoli only in winter and in spring and could not do this "tour" to tell you my experiences, but I think it has to be interesting specially if you have your photo camera. At least something different.

This time it was an error. We have to wait that somebody will be more fortunate.


  1. Planes and ships dissapear in Atlantis; not this atlantis too?

  2. :-))) Not the Atlantic Ocean, the isle of Atlantis, pre-historical society.


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