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11 February 2009

Visiting Amalfitan Coast

Many persons dream to visit the coast of Amalfi. Those are spectacular rocks and little bays where on the stringes of earth some meters per some meters crowd together not more than hundred houses and people live. Every bay is a village. The biggest is Amalfi, others are Minori and Maiori and some else.

The only thing that can grow on that rocks are lemons. They are special, they say, and Amalfitans produce a sort of liqueur Lemoncello. I had even a receipe of this liqueur, have to look for it.

You can visit this part of coast with a car or with a bus. It's interesting to drive the mountain road -eng and in some places not very good. Specially if rains. We went there some times but my husband does not like it, I don't know why.

Once we decided to go in Sorrento (from the other side of these mountains if you look in the depth of the photo) for one feast. It rained that day and we thought nobody will go there with this weather. But we were wrong. All the population of Naples was -as always- on the road to Sorrento. And it is the only road there -you are obligued to follow it. Those some km-s (about 10 or less, I think) we made in 6 or 7 hours. At midnight we reached finally Sorrento and the only thing we wanted was to turn home.

And the only free way was to cross these mountains using the cross-way that finishes not far from our zone. The other way is along these mountains and it was completely blocked that day.

The cross way is not less spectacular as the coast way and surely is made not better. My husband drived very-very slowly and we saw about 10 cars finished off the road but not under the mountain fortunatelly.

After that feast I never could convince my husand to visit the Coast. :-)))



  1. The picture is stunning. The people living in the houses on the slopes must have a great view of the sea

  2. The views are really great there. Not so sure that the life is also great in this places. Too much solitude.


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