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07 February 2009

The Cheapest Destinations In Europe

«IMG_1238_thumb.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках

January was very significant month for me. Thanks to internet, my relatives found me. I did not see them for about 30 or more years and was very glad to know they remember me. Some of them are married with Germans and live today in Germany. And now all of those want now to come in Italy for holidays. So, we have to think about interesting places to visit, about hotels because we have not place for great companies, about prices etc.

All this I tell you to explain that I know prices in our zone.

That is why I was surprized to read an article today. The name of that article was sometinng about most cheap cities in Europe. Written by a person that does not know real situation. Well, I know, many articles are written not from own experience but using internet resources.

So, if you want to visit something, you have to consider that:
1/ there are touristic zones and not touristic zones.
2/ In every touristic zone live persons that are locals and not tourists. And they can't pay tourist prices.
As the conseguence, it's enough sometimes to enter a non-touristic street to find non-touristic prices. It's enough to book in non-central street/part of a town to have half a price for a hotel.

You have to come some hours earlier if you have a meeting. This way I could find single rooms in hotels in Milano for 35-40 euros. Do you know how much have you pay in Milan for a room? I found an entire street of cheep hotels that I could not find when I looked for them in internet and in yellow pages. Well, it was 1 hour from the place of the meeting, but it was not a problem for me.

In the touristic street of Salerno you can pay for coffee even 1 euro. Make 10 steps in the side-street and you will find same coffee for 0,60 of euro.

My relatives wanted to come here and found a room in a hotel in touristic zone for 635 euros 5 nights for 4 persons, more they had to pay 18 euros parking a day. They want to come with their auto. Our non-touristic zoner is 12 km from the sea. We found a room for 65 euros for 4 persons (325 x5 nights) with parking gratis. In the center of a near town. What are 12 km made with a car?

So, I want to say, if you want to have non-touristic prices, use your brain when you travel.

Narrow streets of Salerno
«Narrow streets of Salerno» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. Да, это известно. Только никто не хочет ехать на обум, не забронировав отель. Поэтому я тебя тогда и спрашивала, не знаешь ли ты такие. как ты и нговоришь, Seitenstraße, weniger Geld.

  2. I would enjoy cheap places but places in Europe will always be expensive to us here because of the exchange rate.

  3. Ну, дорогая моя девочка, во-первых, ты мне конкретно ничего не говорила, кроме того, что по горам по нашим лазить у тебя желания нет.

    Если бы ты мне сказала конкретно, куда ты хочешь ехать и что тебе от гостиницы надо, я бы поехала, спросила, заказала. Вот сегодня в Салерно в гостинице для студентов была, так там от 50 за двухместную комнату до 17 за место в комнате на 5-7 кроватей. Или тебя интересует Неаполь, или побережье, или что ещё?
    Скажи мне конкретно и я поеду конкретно узнавать.

  4. Есть ещё и хостелы. И их реально можно найти через Интернет.
    На счёт кофэ за 1 евро это ещё ничего. Мои знакомые недавно ездили - автобусный тур галопом по европах. С него за чай из пакетика в пластиковом стаканчике запросили два евро.

  5. А в Москве 2,50 евров. С меня как-то взяли...


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