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09 March 2010

Bön Mask Dance Festival

I rarely write about Tibet in this blod and am happy to remember you great travel destinations I described in my previous posts. Valley of the Death in Tibet, had great success, and National Geographic About Shangri-La Treasures.

One of the very requested destinations in the places conected with Tibetans (not only in Tibet but in India and Nepal) are the buddhist monasteries. It would be maybe interesting to write a sequence of posts about them, but today I want to write not about the monastery (Menri Monastery, a Bön monastery first in Tibet, actually re-founded at Dolanji in Himachal Pradesh, India) but about the Mask Dance Festival you can visit there.

«Ладак» на Яндекс.Фотках

If you are interested in Mask Dances, you have to know that there are different nations performing them. Corea, Japan, Thailand, Senegal, Guatemala and Tibet/China partecipate at Andong International Mask Dance Festival. I will write about these dances in my next posts.

What I did not understand -and maybe somebody knows to tell me- WHY these dancers have to use masks? To scare bad spirits?

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