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18 March 2010

The 7 Lakes Region In Patagonia

If you like lakes, you will appreciate the "region of 7 lakes" in Argentina and the region of Bariloche. I've seen a documentary yesterday and was surprised to know, the landscapes are so different in Patagonia. This word created completely different images in my mind. I thought about the wales, pinguins and rocks maybe, but did not think, there could be a sort of Swiss there.

«Мечта» на Яндекс.Фотках

From Swiss image you find not only lakes and forests, there is a local chocolate there. They say, it's very good. And the residents began to coltivate grapes and to produce wine. It seemed very strainge for me, I did not think about the products they have there, but in my mind I was sure, there is everything in Argentine. Own grapes and wine too.

The most interesting was for me the notice, they have entire supermarket of chocolate where you can see how they "cook" it, how they produce what they sell.

My husband told me about the incredible meat there. Infact, we have meat from Argentine in our supermarkets too. It's very different from that Italian. If you need 2 hours tocook meat from Italy, you prepare meat from Argentina in only 40 minutes and less.

Well, i've watched the meat in the documentary... I'm not surprised the Argentinians eat 60 kg of this meat every year for a person...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. you just make me wanna go there... i was just telling my friend i felt the urge to go latin america....

  2. Lily, dear, it's too complicated thing... because there are tooo many places to visit...


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