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11 March 2010

In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (2)

Those who like wild nature will enjoy this my new series of posts. Here I want to explore the last great wild areas in Europe. The first post was a simple quitz (In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (1)). I was sure, it's the first image that appears in the heads, when we touch this theme. I don't write the name so if you want to control yourself, you can open the page and read.

This time I present you an other place and, if you like questions, try to guess:
One day Americans noticed they killed all the American buffalos, and the life is much more poor without these animals in America.
To ri-populate prairie, Americans imported European bisons (wisents).

С годом быка!
«С годом быка!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Where is the last big population of European bisons?

Watch this video and listen to the special song about this forest.

The answer is
Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park (BE) 1,771 km2 / Białowieski Park Narodowy (PL) about 100 km2
Surely, it's possible to visit these National Parks. And it's the paradise for hunters all over the world.

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