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09 March 2010

Wikio Shopping For the Traveller

A very interesting notice I'll tell you today. After great success in France and other european countries, Wikio, a European search engine, launches Wikio Shopping for UK, an innovative way to shop online. Why is it so important for us? I'll explain to you here why I like it. Suppose we are looking for a hotel in a place that we want to go for our next vacation. I'm sure it'll amaze you. First of all, the welcome page presents all the categories clearly, with photos, so that you do not have to lose time searching for the location for product of your interest. When I clicked on the category "hotels", I remained literally with my mouth open. There was a list of cities divided by countries! You know, I have blogger friends from Malaysia that like to go to Kuala Lumpur and tell us so much about it, so now I dream about visiting it. I decided to explore hotels of this city. And here comes the best part of Wikio Shopping. The main list of the hotels -and there are 151 in my search results- gives price, description and stars. You can also see if there are photos and reviews from the visitors of this hotel. When you click the name of the hotel, you pass to it's main page, where you can find price comparisons of the proposals from different agencies. There is a star rating, user opinions and photos. It's very important to see photos of the hotel, as you know. From this point of view, if the clients take photos of their hotel, it's the best sign that they liked it. Ah, forgot, there is the map and similar products too. In some words: I remain impressed and content of this new possibility to find what I need online.

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