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04 March 2010

Metropolitan Borough Birmingham

The photos are from Wikipedia
My friends that know Greek language told me, we do not use the word "metropolis" in correct way today. It means infact "mother town", the town from where these or that persons come. To explain the concept: the greek population of Italian colonies (like Neapolis or Pithekoussai and all the others) could come from different towns of Greece. Those towns were metropolis for that Greeks.

I read from time to time about motropolitan boroughs in UK and those mean agglomerations of persons near this or that city. Near London, near Birminghem in this case.

The city has for example the population about 700 000 persons but in the metropolitan borough live more than 2 millions.

This part of UK is the West Midlands county and the metropolitan borough of Birminghem is so big today to cover the territory of other counties. So, don't be mistaken if you plan to go to this city. We speak now about Birminghem-Birminghem and not about it's distant approaches.

площадь перед торговым центром
«площадь перед торговым центром» на Яндекс.Фотках

торговый центр
«торговый центр» на Яндекс.Фотках

I read about this city in the news today and wanted to see some photos. So, I found some tooooo modern images like those you see here. And was surprised. This place was occupied by humans just about 11 000 years ago. It has to be an old center there. But the persons visiting it seem to appreciate this ultra modern stile.

Infact, you see the silhouettes of the antic buildings.
Now, I really want to visit this town because I don't understand how is it possible to put together such different mentalities. As for me, I surely would preserve the historical integrity of the landscape.

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