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29 March 2010

Your Breakfast In Italy

I just wrote about the breakfasts in Italy and practically now I'll repeat my opinion. It is because different persons claimed the breakfasts in Italian Hotels, this time. Personally I don't like hotels because they seem to me ...I don't know how to express it... they have not a soul. They don't like you. Hotels -buildings, not the persons. That is why I do everything possible to avoid them if I can. But the brekfasts in hotels are a special side of the story. They are terrible. It's not only my opinion, it's what different persons think about this theme. And not only about the low cost but middle-high level hotels too.

The solution, if you are in Italy, is very simple.
Go out in the street. Look right and left. Find a bar. Look inside if they have "cornetti" and, if those they have, you like them. It's besser if they are warm like in this photo.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

Enter in the bar and ordine "un caffè (cappuccino) e un cornetto ( con marmellata/chocolata)" -about euro 1,00-1,40/ 1,80 in our zone.
If you want more coffee, ask "caffè lungo makkiàto (it's pronunciation, you have to write "macchiato") -on my second photo (the same price of normal coffee), a coffee cup full with coffee with a drop of milk. "Kapuchchìno"(cappuccino) is coffee with milk in a little tea-cup. You can ask milk with coffee and it will be a big glass with much milk and some coffee ("latte con caffè").

Believe me, it will be a great breakfast specially if you found a bar with very good "cornetti". If you want more, eat the second "dolce" ("sweety") that you like.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

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