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18 March 2017

Fiumicino Airport and Leonardo Express from Roma Termini

 Fiumicino airport is the biggest in Rome and they have maybe most international flights there.

Said this, I want to warn you: never buy your tickets so that you have to go out and enter one hour later. The airport is long enough to go from one place to other and the queues could be very very long. Count at least 2 hours in this case.

Very comfortable is now the connection with the main railway station Roma Termini. There is a special Terminal for trains (green and red on my photos) and you can go not only in Rome but in Venice, for example, and other cities from there.

The train to Roma Termini has it's own name - Leonardo Express. It arrives on track 23-24. If you have not too much time and arrive in Roma Termini, you can choose the right direction. These are the last tracks on the left - if you arrive with a train.

The price of the ticket is euro 14 when I write this post. You can buy it on every path today. But if you think, you will have not too much time to "speak" with a ticket-machine, it's better to buy it online. You can do it with your cell, too.

If you want to purchase your ticket online, you have to write "Fiumicino airport" as a destination. I could not understand where, ..., is this train. If you write it in other way, you will never find this mistery station.

The bad in this airport is that they have ONLY ONE arrivals/departures panel per floor. It was so a week ago at least.

And there are infinite car rentals between the airport and railway station.

Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino from Airport to Railway Station

Fiumicino Airport on the right

Fiumicino Airport Railway Station with Leonardo Express on the left

Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino Airport Car Rentals

Fiumicino Airport Police Control 

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