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31 March 2017

My Favourite Italian Food

You will probably not believe me, but my favourite Italian food is Mozzarella with fresh Tomatoes and Olive Oil.

Noooo, don't try to eat it using industrial mozzarella! It's completly different product that is similar to a piece of sole of the shoe. 

Yes, you are right, today, when I live more than 20 years in Campania, Italy, I know to distinguish them and enjoy the TRUE, now made mozzarella, The Mozzarella, every time I can. But You know about it now, too! 

This does not mean you can't use your industrial or old mozzarella, if you just ordined it. I'll explain you what to do now. Take a piece of bread, put a piece of old/industrial mozzarella on it, bath it in whipped egg and fry it. Bread side first and mozzarella side when bread is so as you like it. This is "Mozzarella in a Carriage".

 But the fresh, fantastic, unbelievable mozzarella is good with fresh tomatoes - solted and with GOOD olive oil. And Aglianico, delicious local red wine. Nothing more!
When you eat it for the first time, you will like it so much!

Once, I worked as a translator with a group of Russian businessmen. We had a free day and went to visit Amalfi coast. In a restaurant, they followed my advice and ordined mozzarella with tomatoes.
You want believe me, the other 3 days they ordined about 1 kg of it every diner. :-)

But fresh mozzarella is good with other fresh vegetables, too. And with different kinds of cheese.

If you have still to wait for your vacation, but you live in Berlin, you can visit a restaurant of my friend, Giovanni. He is excellent Italian cook and fantastic person. You will enjoy your dinne :-) 
Restaurant Locanda, Berlin

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