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17 March 2017

Time to Travel Campania! Spring is Finally Here!

With these oleanders of all possible colors, I wanted to begin my post about the spring. 

Oleanders for Tourists in Campania, Italy
We were not very fortunate this winter. Rain and winds continued without break this time. Only some sunny days - and rain and rain again. 

Some poor flowers appeared in february, but who could see them if it was impossible to go out...
But finally we are here: spring donates all of us it's free huges. To everybody....

Sorrento Coast, Italy
There are many pathes in Amalfi/Sorrento coast. Most of them are cured and have even better look than the normal ways. You can use mobile apps to find more paths, too. And to help you if you loose the direction. Personally, I love them: they can show you where the path is if you do not understand what to do now.

the Way to Torre dello Ziro, Amalfi
One of the Trekking Paths in Amalfi Coast
The other peculiarity of the climate is that you never have to belive this fantastic weather, this sun: the wind is cold and you have high chance to pass the rest of your vacation in bed if you do not think about it. It's the second most big problem of the tourists here: they have always cold. In winter they are too happy to expose everything they can to the sun, in summer they have cold because of abuse of air conditioning.

M. Vesuvius Seen From Sorrento Coast

Beautiful Rocks of Amalfi Coast
Why Amalfi/Sorrento coast is different from other places, specially for those who loves trekking, is that you can pass all the day to cross, to walk the mountains - and you will finish your day swimming in the warm, nice waters of the Thyrrenian Sea. You can find still bays everywhere. The water will be warm enough to swimm even in January there.

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