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31 March 2017

How To Reach Amalfi From Salerno with a Ferry

I found this information just today: the season of Amalfitan Coast ferries begins.

The shortest way to reach Amalfi is to take a ferry from Salerno.
The ferries do not cruise all year round, they begin to run from April, 3 this year (2017).
The price is the same this year, euro 8. In 50 minutes you arrive in Amalfi. You can reach than Positano (euro 12) and Capri (10:30 the first, euro 21 complete trip)

Search for your FERRY here:

If you do not like the hard serpentine roads, you have to choose ferry for Amalfi. It costs much more (euro 2,20 bus), but if you suffer seasickness, the car road is really very very hard.

Positano - Capri euro 17,70
Amalfi - Capri euro 19,30

As said before, there is one other possibility to reach Amalfi: with a car/bus. The busses pass near the railway station. They have a luminous inscription "Amalfi"
Salerno, Italy
Ferry from Salerno to Amalfi, Italy

Amalfitan Coast seen from a Ferry

Atrani, Italy

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