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19 March 2017

How To Visit Vesuvius From Pompei

We live in a very good period for Pompei-Vesuvius visitors, now. Just for some years you can visit Vesuvius with numerous transports and there are so many houses open in Pompei!

Some years ago, I always adviced the tourists to visit Ercolano. There was nothing to see in Pompei. Almost all the houses were closed. Now, after UNESCO promised to leave them without money, the governent thought good to open as many as possible. So, you have put enough to eat in your backpack (normally, there is water in Pompei - not always, but...) and begin your walk from the morning.

If you think to visit Vesuvius the same day, it's better to begin your day with Vesuvius (about 2,5 hours) and go in Pompei excavations after it.

If you have time and want to visit both Pompei and Ercolano (Herculaneum), you have to plan Vesuvius/Ercolano one day (2,5+2 hours) and Pompei the other day. Pompei has very large extention, there are many houses open now. So, you need time to go from one place to other, to visit every house or other place. If you have a guide who wants to walk with you all the day, it's better. At least you do not leave interesting peculiarities.

There are 3 types of buses going from the Circumvesuviana station to Vesuvius.
One is on the first photo (euro 14 or more),
second - on the second photo (euro 2,70).
There is a dark-green one (Busvia) (do not have a photo here). That transports you to the cratere from it's other side. About euro 20-22.


Before you enter the bus, ask How much time you have to visit cratere. Prefer those who says, you have 1,5 hour. It seems, they give you more time for the visit, now. But if you have only 40 minutes, you have to be as quick as possible to turn back to your bus.

If you come here with the intention to practice trekking, take your alpenstock with you on Vesuvius.

The best (more quick + euro 2,70 only) is that on the second photo.

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