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27 March 2017

The Capital of Ceramics of Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of the most interestng signs of all Amalfi Coast is it's ceramics. You find really beautiful things of every kind, from mini souvenirs to real size cows, in every town and village on your way. The abboundance of the objects of this art is due to the high quality of raw materials like clay and particular sand in the zone.

But the real capital of ceramics is a little town, Vietri Sul Mare. About 2 centures ago the young German artists boosted this art here - and it was a happy invention for the region.

Vietri Sul Mare is not only a merchandiser. It's inhabitants LOVE ceramics. You see the shops on every step on the main street of the town, but if you take time for a short excursion, you will find real artworks of ceramics in the narrow streets, little squares and passages.

Go, go, don't be shy. Enter in every passage.
Romantic medieval town.
Beautiful ceramics ornaments.
Enjoy it!

You will find exact explanations about how to arrive in Vietri, Amalfi, Raito, and other towns of Amalfi Coast in the other posts of this blog

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