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06 January 2008

Campi Flegrei

this article I found today in the

Geologists are reporting the ground at the Campi Flegrei caldera, near Naples, Italy, is undergoing renewed uplift.

Researchers at Italy's Geophysical National Institute and Volcanology Observatory report the volcanic area, which had its last eruption in 1538, started a new uplift episode in November 2004. That uplift began at a low rate but has slowly and steadily increased

According to previous studies, the 16th-century eruption occurred after decades of uplift coupled with brief periods of subsidence. Within the past 40 years, the caldera experienced a huge uplift phase until 1985. The new data indicate a subsequent period of subsidence has now ended.

... the uplift is associated with input of magma from a shallow chamber.

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This is the article.And it will be true.

But I remember about a year after I came to live here (1996-97, I think) there was a great story in this zone of Campania. They said, there were movements of ground there that arrived to 1 meter a year. This maybe is an urban legend because I tell you what we listened here about it. I know the region government wanted the residents go to live in other places but nobody left their houses.

This zone is very interesting to visit. Not only you can enter in the alive crater of Solfatara and to see an underwater-city from a boat, it was one of the most popular recreational places in the Roman time. There are too many places to visit there. And the other interesting thing,when you turn back to Neaples you can see clearly Neaples is situated on different craters.

I post here only this info and the article today.Later I'll describe this place and post some photos.

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