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06 January 2008

Walking trough Neaples

Some times a year the statemakes feasts for citizens.They call them "open doors" in museums and excavations. It meens you have not pay the ticket that day.

These feasts have 2 interesting sizes. First of all they are organized on the weekends. What is so interesting in this, ask you? Saturday and Sunday are holy days for italians. They do not work, go in church and stay home. It meens everything is close from the 12:00 of saturday till monday. Museums too. So if you want to visit museums in Italy you have to chose working days for it. In the "open doors" sunday you find only some of them realy open. But you can visit excavations normally closed for public. There are even special busses for it.

Second interesting side is, there are not many persons that know about it.

I was 2 times fortunate this year: I knew about it some days befor and it was very beautiful sunny weekend. The weather was instable for 3-4 weeks, we could hardly seen some hours of sun in this period. And then 3 days of spring.

Neaples is not so far from Nocera, about 50 km, and I go there with train. I like this way because a part of it is so "romantic":

You can see Sorrento-coast (on the left here) and the island Capri (in centrum) when the weather is good for photography. This day the air was too wet and it was possible to see only the shape of the coast.


I like walking and came in Neaples for a walk this time, but I had a hope to find castles open this day. That is why I went directly to the Municipal square. Unfortunately the New Castle was closed.



Here on the right you see Real Palace. I go to the castle to feel the sence of it's enormous force. The "alias" of New Castle is Maschio Angioino, the fortress of d'Angio family. This "alias" is more known as the name. It happens often if you ask about New Castle people don't understand you, "Maschio Angioino" knows everybody.


The Real Palace begins with it's garden where there were many persons when I passed there.But the garden is not very sunny in the afternoon and I wanted to see if other castle was open.



When I'm near this entry, I remember always Horses of Klodt in S.Petersburg. Maybe they are from the same period. Ten steps and I reach Theater. But there is an other interesting place here. To see it I have only turn right. Galeria of Umberto I.



These are 2 little covered streets where you can stay with pleasure even if it rains. The only problem is they are too short.

Here everything is near: turn left and you are in the Plebiscit square. Sincerely I have the sence, somebody took parts of S.Petersburg and put them on this hill.


And when I turn my head left this time I see the entrance of the Real Palace, that is open for public. There are statues of forefathers on the front. Finally I "meet" Ruggiero Normanno, Carlo d'Angio ecc Till last character, Murat.


Here is the road going downhill to the sea. There is one of the most traffic streets under it and you see New Castle and RealPalace from their other side. This is realy very nice place for a romantic walk.


But my aim is other today, I continue on my way and enter in the part of the city named Santa Lucia.

read second part - in russian is ready here)

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