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17 January 2008

Violations in Goa

This map and really many interesting info about Goa -the best I found

I receive not very good notices from India for 2 or 3 days. You are right, I mean tourists and travel notices. They tell about very difficult situation, particularly in Goa, for european women travelling alone. Very great % of violations. Most women (that went in police) are Brittish but there are women from different countries. The men were not only first they meet on the beach for example, but the owners of the hotels, restaurants ecc. People, you would never think they can allow themselves something like this, because they had to think about the good name of their business.

All us we know this situation. It has different sides, surely. And we can say the same not only about Goa, but about many other countries.

1/ Many modern european women live alone, and are completely independent. They feel young, beautiful and full of energy in any age. They like to caress themselves. They have money and time for travelling. Why not? If she is a woman and doesn't want anybody that sit on her neck, it's forbidden for her to travel?

2/ Men in many countries (and european men in the depth of their souls too) want and continue to live in Middle Age mentality. They understand a woman only if she is sitting in a trunk (like in that fable about Jin). Women in that countries allow it to them because are dependent and for tradition. Every woman out of the trunk is for them a woman, inviting all men to abuse of her.

These 2 ideas are the main problem.
Women from all european countries don't understand they have not to feel sure and protected.
Because they are not protected.
Maybe now, after this scandal, the government of India will do something to assure it's income of money. And it will mean that India will become the most good place for alone travelling women. For some time.

I read many meanings about this problem in the forums.
Imagin, those who visited Goa, are saying 2 completely different things: it's true, it's impossible to go out there -and it's not true, persons are the best in the world there.
Can you add yourth?

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