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09 January 2008

Hookah, the Waterpipe

Hookah has different names in different countries. Nargile, shisha, waterpipe, hubble-bubble, ecc. One Pakistan dictionary says "huqqa" means in persian language "a little pot for incense and jewels".

In a village not far from us opened one italian, turned from Egypt, a little kebab-shop. He told me about something, I could not understand what it was. Only when he took the pipe in the shop was clear: we speak about the same thing.

This waterpipe device for smoking is used to smoke herbal fruits too, but the main is tobacco. Some persons say it's not dangerous to smoke hookah, at least not so dangerous as to smoke cigarettes. Egyptian researchers (physicians and engineers) were intrested to control it and here are the results:

1/ if you smoke 25 g of shisha they are equal to 60 cigarettes = 3 packs
2/ the t° of the moke is 450°C and when it passes through the pipe has not time to become cold
3/ to inhale 500-600 cub. cm of this smoke makes the lungs less flexible, they become bigger and do not work efficiently

But the hookah smokers do not want to accept these results. They say, it's enough to see on the towel after you smoke a cigarett and hookah to notice the difference.

Because it becomes more and more popular in Europe and America, the interested organisations think this research's results will help in the battle contro the hookah smoking.

Whant to try it? Visit Egyptian Friend, Ali, and his hotel

Hookah (photo)
Египетские ученые развеяли миф о безвредности кальяна
Hookah lounge

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  1. "Shisha " is famous in Malaysia, I've tried in once during my visit in Dubai , and I don't like the taste,

    BTW nice blog you've got here.I'll surely be a regular visitor.

  2. Thank you very much, I'll try to maintain the level of the info to be interesting for you.

    Very happy to meet a new friend and maybe to begin a real "travel cafe" here.

    Sincerely I never tryed to smoke this pipe. It would be interesting as experience. I think it's like all legends -interesting till it remains legend and than as something to tell to the friends "as a fisher" (sooooo enormous was that fish I took this sunday!!!)

  3. Great post, about the Shisha, I live in Cairo, and I smoke the shisha from time to time..... its very nice with a cup of mint tea..
    in an egyptian café

  4. Now we all have to envy you and begin to think to go in Cairo in an egyptian cafè... And there is Zahi Hawass too... :)))


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