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08 January 2008

The King of Thailand

I could never imagin the citizens of Thailand love their king sooo much.
These are notices about the events of december, when the king has his birthday.

First of all who is he?
King Bhumibol (Phumiphon) Adulyadej, Rama IX of the Chakri Dynasty, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America on 5 december 1927, is on the thron from 1946 and with 60 years of this work (in 2006) is the longest serving monarch in the world. In this period there were 21 prime-ministers and 15 constitutions in Thailand.
This year was his 80 birthday.
He has no constitutional power but is the most powerful person in the country.
His "names" are The Father of the Nation, The National Godhead, The Lord of the Lands, The Soul of the Nation, The Possessor of the Four and Twenty Golden Umbrellas.

In october the king was ill and passed 3 weeks in a hospital. When he went out he weared rose clothes because astrologists said to him this colour is the best for his health in this period. From that day there is a stock-jobbing in the country. Everybody wants to wear rose shirt.

From 2006s many persons wear yellow clothes mondays because the king's birthday was monday and yellow was his colour of that year.

The birthday of the king (December 5th) is national feast. On this days all shops, bars, places for entertainment and massage are clothed. Sex and alcohol are forbidden. There were many interesting manifestations like Festival of sand sculpturs and Pattaya International Balloon Fiesta 2007 where one of the presents for king was a fantastic Cake Balloon, Elephant balloon ecc.

BBC News (photo)
Новости туризма
Pattaya International Balloon Fiesta 2007 (photo)

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  1. The king's wife when young, was very beautiful.Thais love the couple very much. They are our neighbours, just a few hours ride away. By the way, I add this blog to my blogroll at I believe this what you requested.

  2. Thank you very much for your help, Footiam.

    I saw many photos of the king yesterday but no one of the queen. Itwould be interesting.


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