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17 January 2008

Indian coffee

What do you know about coffee?

I knew not soo much about it.
What I knew:
there is coffee from Brazil and from Vietnam. That from Brazil is ecological and biological, that from Vietnam is not very good because with dangerous, toxic substances. And I knew all sorts of coffee I can buy in the supermarkets here.

Today I learned, there are many different coffees from different countries.
And from India too. (I wanted to write a post about India and found this information)

Indian coffees are good balanced and mild with low acidity and spicy notes. And there is a special one -the Monsooned coffee. An other interesting case is High grown coffees with high acidity.

Coffee was introduced in India from Yemen by a Muslim pilgrim Bababudan Sahib in the Chikmagalur District in 1610. 123,681 farms with 3 000 000 workers produce it today. And India is the 2 in Asia and the 8 in the world. (I did not find all lists). And harvest is in November and February.

Interesting. I wanted to taste it too. Sunday we will go in a great supermarket, maybe I'll find it there?

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  1. I generally take one pack of coffe for two cups,rate is 3cents per pack but we Indians are more accostomed to tea than coffee

  2. Sinerely I prefer tea too. But here in Sud of Italy is difficult to buy good tea.And so, I learned to take coffee too. When I have this possibility I buy great quantities of tea. I don't like bags, I like big leaves.

  3. Atleast in the state of tamil nadu, India, most prefer coffee to tea. I guess its different in the northern india.

  4. :))) So, you in India have different preferences. It's not so in Russia where most population preferes tea. Maybe because good coffee was not so easily to find and it's cost was to high there.


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