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19 May 2008

Pozzuoli. The City On The Volcano

The first Greek settling was there on the left

Yesterday I passed afternoon by one of the members of our Bon-group, Lia. She lives in Pozzuoli in province of Naples. In this period she is preparing a ritrit with Geshe Gelek Jimpa, and I wanted to take the test that we will study with him. So I went to Lia in Pozzuoli.

Pozzuoli is a very interesting place, I have to say you.
The Romans used it as a recreational place. There are many healing springs there. From other side, it's the place where the first Greeks were landed to create their colony. So where you will look there, your eyes have to see the historically priceless things.

Not only historicaly. Because there is a VERY-VERY nice place here: a half-sleeping volcano (and you have to know that there are many different sleeping craters there). Solfatara it's name.

Just before I married and came in Italy, about 15 years ago, it was difficult time for the residents. There were about 400 shocks, Lia said, they slept all clothed to be ready to run away if necessary (Where???). She had 2 little children at that time. So, after that the earth raised 1,90 m. There are columns of a Greek temple there where the residents can see how changes the hight of their earth. They, columns, were under the water of the sea after Greek period -about 2-4 meters in depth, I think, now they are abow sea level. But the main part of the Greek town is under the water today, and you can see it from the boat in summer.

I have to go there for ritrit and I'll make more and best photos next week.

Baia, the half-insel there was the preferite recreational place for Romans

09 May 2008

How Have You Imagin A Man

In our museum in Salerno I've seen an other interesting thing when I read books about history of art.
Statue of Hermes Kriophoros that is in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. This statue was made in 520-510 BC. I wanted to find it in Internet and here it is. I found it in this site.

The photo is made not from the side I wanted to show you, but I could not find other. Look at the sheep in the hand of Hermes. It is so interesting! Why? Look at it's relaxed position. It seems to be a cat, not a rem.
Are you agree with me?

So, I loved this God, the god of flocks and herds. Soooo much I loved him, that I wanted to show to you, how much he loves animals...

But when I opened the page I found other pictures that represent the same god.
And I thought, it's an interesting mode to see the most important parts of the person. Look at these statues.

By the way. (I saw now the central person on the picture on the bottom here.)
There is a National Archeological Museum in Naples. And there is a "Hidden Gabinett" there. It is a place where there are all most incredble sorts of representations of this theme there. The kings collected them and had them hidden that women could not see them.
If you'll visit Naples, don't forget about it, you will discover manythings, you could never imagin in your life. I Bet.

To see the big pictures visit the site where I found them.

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