Affordable All Inclusive Cheap Hotel and Vacation Packages

Affordable All Inclusive Cheap Hotel and Vacation Packages

10 July 2017

Do You Know How To Visit Naples?

Naples is probably one of the cities with the most rich history in the world. Every step you do there, believe me, can tell you not one but different stories. And it's normal because this place was among the favourite aims of generations of the conquerors. In this post I'll tell you only about 3 of the treasures of Naples.

First and second of tham you will find in Piazza Mercato.
This is really great place to listen to the stories. But rarely a "wild" "external" tourist would visit it.
Here is the church basilica-sanctuary Santa Maria del Carmine.

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Santa Maria del Carmine,Naples,Italy

04 July 2017

Sea and Mountains - Perfect Vacation in Amalfi Coast, Italy!

If you love sea and mountains, the best solution for your summer vacation is Amalfi Coast.
This is the best period to book your hotel if you want to find still good prices. Curious is how many persons book their vacations in this period. Give a look here: hotel bookings in Vietri  They letterally fly on this most popular search engine.

Here I want to show you my favourite way from Raito to the beach in Vietri Sul Mare. It's not long, but clean and the stairs are not very hard to climb to turn back. I use this way because I like the beach, first. Than, I do not like to climb back the ways in the town of Vietri. I think, the return is much more difficult there.

cheap places to go on vacation Vietri Sul Mare, Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Vietri Sul Mare, Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy

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