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26 November 2015

Tyrrhenian Sea in Winter

Some days ago and had some minutes to visit the beach of the industrial zone of the city. The weather was not so bad as today, but winter is just here and we had anomalous November this year - very sunny.

I did some photos for my Photographer's Profile that you can see and vote (thank you) o share (!!!!! Thank you for your help!) than I had a great idea to register the voice of the winter sea. Once, I registered about 10 minutes summer sea video for relaxation - and now Tyrrhenian Sea in Winter. But only 1 minute this time. The wind was so hard that I had to flee.

Interesting is - you can see it better on the photos, maybe, how the clouds open space over Amalfi. Everything is black, all the Lattari mountains, but there, 30 kms far away, it's possible to see that they have a sunny day. :-) A sunny moment really.

So, if you think about a winter vacation in Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, it's not the best period this year. Wait some weeks. Normally, after one month of cold and rainy weather, we have very good Spring (for European standards :-))

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