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26 February 2011

Looking For Cheap Vacation

Budget travelers and not only they look always more often for cheap vacations. There are different reasons because this phenomena is so popular in the modern world. We work hard and want to have a good vacation, but we are conscious that there are many vendors that have excessive prices thought for unsuspecting tourists. And, from other side, it can happen that we do not inform us about the ways we have to behave in other countries and places we want to visit.

The most evident example from the life. If you go in a bar in a central street of a popular among the tourists town or in one that is near a very popular touristic destination, you can often pay what you order in that bar much more in confront to an other bar that is situating just some steps far from the main street.

Sometimes, I find advises about the airfares. You have to book your ticket choosing a little airport where there are not too many flights, they say. It can be right for some places. But using the air transportation in Italy, I noticed that the best prices I found, were always in the most big and hectic airports like Milan. Personally, I look in all the most important online agencies and carriers sites and choose the best for my intentions price among all them.

Sometimes, cheap means not "less paid". For example, my husband went in Argentina booking a flight for an incredible low price about half a year before the flight. In these 6 months, the company changed the time of departure and other similar things every week. Every time, we had to call their paid call center to confirm that he, my husband, wants to take this flight. Every call's cost was very high.

The other time, I bought an incredibly low cost ticket to fly in Russia about 2 month before the flight. I had an emergency and had to fly there in any case. The company suddenly transfered the flight from the airport near my house to an other, in North Italy just some days before the departure. All the "last minute" flights costed a fortune it that moment, and I had to accept the change of the airport. All the additional expenses raised the price to the business class sum.

That is why you have to read advises of those who just experienced the travel destination you choosed to avoid such bad experiences.

15 February 2011

Everybody Loves Dubrovnik

This port in Croatia that visit maybe all the cruise liners and not so big ships, too, is known -and I read about it many times- as the most beautiful town in Europe. It's possible not only come for one day for a short shore excursion, there are many hotels and resorts here. My friends that stopped in this town for a day during their vacation  on board of their own car, told me, there were even wild roebucks that were not afraid of them and neared them so, that they could make photos.

Дубровник. Хорватия.
«Дубровник. Хорватия.» на Яндекс.Фотках

As we can see on this photo, the place has interesting history, too. There was a Roman settling and a Slavic settling from both sides of a little river here. With time, the persons conjuncted their towns, burried the river that is the main street today.

Вид на город с моря
«Вид на город с моря» на Яндекс.Фотках

Who knows why we are fashinated by the towns situated in similar places?What is so attractive to make us feel we are in a kind of Paradise? Colors? Our love to stay near water?

By the way, the name Dubrovnik comes from the groves that grew here. As I see on the photos, there are not those groves more. I would plant them...

Дубровник. Хорватия.
«Дубровник. Хорватия.» на Яндекс.Фотках

09 February 2011

Immersed in Ancient Life: Greeks in Italy

The last week was difficult for me because I was ill. But I decided to take advantage of some suny days we had and went in Paestum.

Paestum is an excavation site not too far from Salerno (about 40 minutes of train) where you can see 3 of Greek temples and some interesting rests of the roman town. Than, there is a museum where you can see many original pieces of the cultures from 40000 years ago till Roman times. Very interesting. If you know what you have to look at.

The 2 temples on the photo are from Vi and V centuries BC. And here is the third of them that is situated far enough and is dedicated to an other deity. This one is from V century. BC, clear.

In this post I want to show you some greek vases. It's something simply incredible, the quality of the pictures!

Here is the rape of Europe (by the way, I've seen dufferent representations of this event but there was no one where Europe showed her disappointment about this crime :0)))

Most tourists do not look at the pictures on the vases. They go away and leave the juice of the exposition. Because these pictures represent the life of those persons. I went in Paestum this time with intention to photograph the pictures to show them to you. So, that you can enjoy it with me.

This is a picture on the vase that was given to the woman for her marriage. I think, the picture shows the moment when the woman was prepared for the cerimony. The most interesting is that these vases were found in the tombs too. So, the woman had to take this "marriage vase" with her in the life after the death.

What has to represent this picture I don't know. What surprised me here were the hairs of the man. Not only all the characters of the vase are blond (?????) but the man has this strange long hair. It was not comfortable to have long hair in the battle, I think, because the ancient fighters used them (on the pictures) to take the enemy. So, why this long hair?

Here is the proof of my doubts

Finally, to have this post not too long (more about Paestum I'll write in my blog "Marvelous World of Travel") I want to show you an other picture from the vase to attract your attention to the vases when you will visit a museum next time.
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08 February 2011

Monaco, Monte Carlo -one of the Most Beautiful Places in Europe

For many years I thought, Monaco is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life.

We traveled with my friends in Liguria and because they have a flat not far from Ventimilia, we visited the not too far situating towns and other interesting places. It was vvery interesting because the French part of the coast was much more illuminated and there was life all the night, there. This way we reached Monaco one of the days.

The road we came in Monaco was high enough, and we could see all the town. Ther is not so much soil between the mountains and the sea, and the buildings grow in high into the air there. And all the amenities like gardens and pools that all "normal" houses have on the ground, were on the roofs there.

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the little harbour there was an interesting entertaining: you could sail with a little yacht that had glass bottom so that the tourists could see the underwater life of the harbour. But the cost of one ticket was 300 Francs (I don't remember the currency) and we were 4 persons, so we decided to leave this idea.

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

We went in the old town where is situating the Palace of the Prince. The square was empty (maybe we came too early, I don't remember now) and we decided to walk there. We found a garden on the rock over the sea. Somebody said us that there is a prison just under our feet there. The prisoners could see only sea from the windows of their cells. Nearby was the Institute of the Oceanography which head was Jacques-Yves Cousteau in that period. We loved to watch his documentaries and felt honoured to stay near the place he worked in (even if he surely was in sea).

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

It was clear that the old town was the residential area of the rich families. All the houses that seemed to come from XVIII-XIX centuries were very beautiful.

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the evening we visited the square of the famous casino where we found different enormous cars that I've never seen from that time more. There were women clothed with long evening dresses, too. But not only these persons, everything there was very beautiful. We entered the building just to see that some persons came to visit theater, others went to casino. Tourists are not allowed in such places. So, we went out.

After that, we walked some steps and found "American casino" opened for everybody. We entered it, too. It was only touristic visit, nothing more. A week before, an other friend of this family left a big sum there. She lived 5 days there and passed all the evenings in this casino to prove that all the stories about the money that persons leave there are not true. Well, she proved it. ;-)))

It was night when we left Monte Carlo. And I could never forget it's beauty.
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