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28 February 2010

Looking for Pirates and Treasures

With this ost I want to begin the exploration of the places connected with Pirates. It's clear, the first step has to be in the direction of their capital. Ane the capital of pirates was Île de la Tortue, island Tortuga in Caribbean sea, a part of Haiti.

The name means "Turtle Island" and is so because the same island is similar to a tortoise.
Because it was the major center of Caribbean piracy, the island is very famous now among the tourists that like to visit it. Well, this means probably the prices have to be "special", but I did not find information about it in other sites and do not know anybody, who just visited this paradise.

By the way, the first photo is from the other Turtle Island, in Venezuela. But I thought, the landscapes have to be similar. More or less.

What is interesting, the Franch governors had nothing against the corsars because thought, they protect the territory from other, maybe more dangerous enemies. And maybe they were right.

Many persons go there looking for treasures of the pirates. I did not find notices that somebody found them. It means, we can be those fortunate, if we go there! :0)

сундук с сокровищами

20 February 2010

What is Kizhi?

«Кижи» на Яндекс.Фотках

Some days ago I began to write about the antique Russian church architecture. You can remember these 2 posts The Golden Ring of Russia, Russian Churches Of XII Century
where I told about very interesting examples of wooden churches and wanted to write some posts about them.

The first place is entire island -national park, Kizhi, in Karelia Russia, in front of Finnland, where you can see not only churches but different types of houses too. The church on the photo is made without nails, the pieces were made so, that they take one other.

Unfortunatelly, the church is not every day open for tourist to protect precious icons. But the visit is interesting in any case for the walk you can make through the park. And you can visit houses of the population (with guide) too.

Interesting is that all that buildings are real. They were disassembled, taken on the island and assembled once more.

Церковь во имя Покрова пресвятой Богородицы .
«Церковь во имя Покрова пресвятой Богородицы .» на Яндекс.Фотках

13 February 2010

Ohhh Tenerife...

My friend told me once about the vacations they want to organize this month in Tenerife. Her husband has a cousin and this has a little house there. So, when his wife goes home to visit her parents they want to stay with him. My friend was just there and what she tells about that vacation is only "Ohhh!!!!! Tene-riiifeeee..."

I have to confess, I thought it's in Caribean sea. Ehhh what you want -I've heard the word but did not know more. If you re so ignorant as me, I have to say you, it's an island in Atlantic Ocean belonging to Canarian islands belonging to Spain.

Here I post some photos so that we, all together can begin to dream about it.

La Gomera после дождя
«La Gomera после дождя» на Яндекс.Фотках

«Тенериф» на Яндекс.Фотках

«Тенерифы» на Яндекс.Фотках

12 February 2010

Edinburgh Is Number One For Romance

Once in the year, there is a special period, when every relationship can fly up. Even if you have problems with your partner, this period is the best time for getting it right. I write about the Valentine's Day. Book your Edinburgh accommodation -and forget about the noisy reality.

Make an unusual treat to your partner and pass a romantic weekend in Edinburgh. This city is very special because it brings romance in people, who knows why. It can be for the cobbled streets and interesting pubs Or the striking castle gives out the emanations of special energy. It is possible that the spirit of Mary, Queen of Scots, appeals to all couples in love...

Get lyrical, inspire the air of romance and feel loved up by this magic place. There were thousands of writters, poets and painters that did it before you. It's enough to think about it and plan your trip remembering the possibilities of nightlife too. Edinburgh accommodation can be choosed not far from the places of your main interest. From there you can visit theaters or partecipate on cruises for example.

Don't forget your Valentine's dinner. There are many romantic settings where you will find not only relaxed atmosphere and memorable meal. Restaurants offer special Valentine's Menu, it's clear. There are champagne testings and great wine lists. But the most interesting is the locally sourced Brittish and Scottish food. When you plan your romantic weekend, search for great chefs and dedicated places. You go away in Edinburgh to taste THAT life, so enjoy this great event.

For those who like shopping there are many attractions too. There are businesses that suit all your needs, where you can find absolutely unique and bespoke gifts in air of romance. Allow that all thiscreate a special atmosphere and feel loved up by the life.

The Golden Ring of Russia

These are the "open air museums" not too far from Moscow. Some antique towns with unique architecture from XII century. The region is called Zalesye and the towns are Sergiyev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Gus-Khrustalny, Suzdal, Vladimir, Rybinsk, Uglich and Alexandrov. (Read Russian Churches Of XII Century too)

Unfortunatelly, I had never the possibility to visit these towns. It's sad, you kow. We travel around the world and do not visit the places of our country, our nation. I know, it's the same for everybody all over the world.

This is Rostov Velikiy (not Rostov -it's another city)

Изображение 154
«Изображение 154» на Яндекс.Фотках

Here is Suzdal

Покровский собор 1530г.Покровский женский монастырь.
«Покровский собор 1530г.Покровский женский монастырь.» на Яндекс.Фотках

Russian Churches Of XII Century

If we want to speak about Russian architecture that I love so much ( The Golden Ring of Russia ), we have to remember the churches of Velikij Novgorod. The pure beauty (inspired by Byzantine art, they say) impress your imagination. So, if you plan to "study" them, don't forget this destination.

The church "Spas At The Nerediza"

«...» на Яндекс.Фотках

09 February 2010

San Pietro A Corte and Archeological Group of Salerno

You ask me from time to time, what I do in our excavations site in Salerno. Now I'll try to tell you about it .

Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа«Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа» на Яндекс.Фотках
San Pietro A Corte is one of the 3 most important sites in Salerno. Here you can meet the story of the town from Roman times through the Early Middle Ages, Normann period till today.

We, volunteers of the Archeological Group, try to do all the possible to open this site every day. If it was not so, the site was close for visits as all other interesting places are. The town and the region has not funds for it. Actually we open it every day except monday.

To the persons that come to visit the excavations, tourists and residents, we tell the story of the town, of this site.
Not only we tell many interesting things to them but we learn from them too. Specially when residents remember what they have seen with their eyes and what they heard from their parents and grandies is very interesting.

Here, Felice Pastore, our president, with a group of tourists

Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа
«Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа» на Яндекс.Фотках

Pietro Crivelli, one of the eldest members of the group.

Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа
«Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа» на Яндекс.Фотках

Aurora, an other member of our group, with the tourists in the part over the Roman bath and Paleochristian church.

Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа
«Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа» на Яндекс.Фотках

The other part of the complex is the St. Anne's chapel

Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа
«Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа» на Яндекс.Фотках

When nobody comes to visit us we speak about everything. I love to listen to other members when they tell peculiarities from the story of Italy and this region. I ask allways and everytime. So, the shifts in S.Pietro are very informative and interesting for me.

Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа
«Сан Пьетро А Корте И Салернитанская археологическая группа» на Яндекс.Фотках

05 February 2010

Choosing Home Security Company

As you know, I have many friends, real and virtual, living in US. From time to time they tell me stories about their life and surprize me because their reality is different from ours. This story is about the search for good home security company.

Irene has a successful business. She dreamed about a house in Florida or in California and looks now for a
home security company to live in piece even when she is far from the towns where she bought apartments. Irene found HomeSecurityTeam.com describing ADT in Florida and ADT in California. They say, it's the very first home alarm company in US with all the most advanced technologies, 4 interconnected monitoring centers working 24/7 and -look here!!!- with the prices from $1 a day in some packages.

It was not difficult to find ADT in FL directly from the site because they have a list of the towns where the company has it's clients. It could be comfortable to have the same home security company managing both properties, she says. So, it was great to find ADT in CA too.

Well, everything is good in internet. And the choise seems to be very winning. The problem is that nobody of her friends has deals with this company and she doesn't know, if she will play a really winning game here. Do you know anything about it?

01 February 2010

Why Would I Visit Vienna

There are too many reasons to visit Vienna and Austria generally, I know. But I suggest you one very romantic direction today. Listen to this music:

A month ago I gave you the idea to visit the places connected with the name of very loved composer,Georges Bizet (read Don't Forget To Visit In Paris). This time I want to continue with an other composer I like very much. I'm sure you loved the "Serenada" of Franz Shubert you listened now. And you will agree with me, it would be interesting to feel and to breath the air of the place that could born this man.

They say, Shubert voiced with his music joys and griefs of the mankind so as everybody of us would express them. He was the first great representative of romanticism in the music.

Sometimes we create a legend about a place or object or other. So Vienna is in my mind a city where everything is full of the special energy producing music in the heads of those who visit it. I think: if I would walk through the streets of this city, maybe I would feel music following me all the time I would stay there. :-)

Вена,Собор святого Стефана
«Вена,Собор святого Стефана» на Яндекс.Фотках
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