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31 March 2010

Wine Tourism In Italy

I wrote different posts about the wines of Campania, Italy in my other travel blog (listed in the bottom) and plan to describe some of the wines in next posts. That is why I was attracted by the news notice about strange use of the wine in Nord of Italy. One of the enterprises decided to attract persons offering them baths of wine (not wine-wine but extract from the must), massages with creams made with wine/must, rooms made inside the "barrels" (not natural). They say, there are queues months and months long to enjoy this invention. Yes, it's interesting.

Вино и Керамика

I wonder if the wine-makers from Sud Italy, those that love their wines so much, those that make everything possible to occupy their good place among the world known leading figures would create something similar if they could. Speaking with some of them in the testing I understood, they are very proud of their wines because they are born there, because they continue the millenary tradition, because their vines are so special while growing in the National Park of Vesuvius... I think, this, from North Itlay, attraction, devalue the high level of appreciation that wine-makers wanted (at least I understood it so) to create.

What do you think about it?

These are my articles:

Strange Museen

The videos here are not for sensible persons.

There are different strange museen all over the world. One of them is situating in Holland, Oegstgeest. It's a look inside the human body interesting for adults and children too. I found one video where you can see some interesting moments of the visit. There is a slide show in the official site Corpus -very impressive.

Unfortunatelly I could not insert the video, so you have to pass to YouTube

I just wanted to make a roundup of scientific museen. Some of them I vesited. For example, the museum of the medicine in Riga, Latvia. I walked through the rooms with the mouth open, I remember. It was many years ago. The other from the historical scientific meseen is Kunstkamera, S. Petersburg, Russia, collected by Zar Peter I. The video here shows the most shoking and old part of the collection, so, if you are too sensible is better if you pass DO NOT WATCH these video.

The other similar museum is "Dupuytren" in Paris. The museum of the patologic anatomy.

We are afraid of these sides of the life. But it's reality. And it's good maybe to see all this to appreciate the life we have and the body the good God gave us.

The Pirates' Paradise Island

This is the last post from the series about pirates of the Caribbean sea and their treasures. The first post I wrote on the 2/28/10 and there were other 5 posts.

We found sure places where the treasures wait for us.


Nassau, the last place related to pirates we are discuting here, is the capital of Bahamas, a 29-islands country. These islands were very popular place where pirates had their meetings in XVII-XVIII centuries and there are surely treasures to discover here too. But I have instantly disappoint you, if you as me dream about a trunk full with coins and jewelry. The government of Bahamas banned ANY treasures searching activities and you will have a bed result if you try it.

So, the only treasures we can enjoy there are Paradise Island with that incredible hotel with enormous aquarium, different tours that offer agencies and the glance of the nightlife.

One more consideration. Some parts of the capital, Nassau, are not very sure till today, so it's better to visit only those parts where there are not problems with security of the persons.

30 March 2010

Dead Sea Treatments And Attractions

An other marvel of this world I want to tell you about today is the Dead Sea, situating between Israel and Jordan. This salt lake is the deepest in the world, but the most interesting peculiarity of this place is that it's situating 422 m below the sea level! And if you look now at the map, you will notice that it is not so far from the Mediterranean sea. How is it possible, I asked myself? Probably it's because from both sides of the lake there are mountains protecting it from all the other world: winds, climatic changes. Imagine that not far from it there is a desert too!

These position of the Dead Sea makes it very interesting for travel. A visitor can pass relaxing days near the lake healing maybe his/ her rheumatism or arthritis or respiratory disorders, inspiring the aerosol of the minerals of the evaporating water and taking water and mud baths. Tourism is the main industry there, and Dead Sea hotels have very friendly staffs and home like atmosphere. Some of them are situated directly on the beach of the lake.

Staying in these hotels you can visit Jerusalem distant only one hour journey from there, or, riding a camel, reach one of the next oasises. Among the other activities you can climb the rocks or watch animals that live only in this area.
There are many important sight-seeings in this zone too. It's enough to mention the Massada fortress where 1000 men, women and children prefered to die to avoid slavery in Roman Empire. As you see, Dead Sea promises us not only unforgettable vacation but good health too. Where do you find an other place like this?

29 March 2010

Would you like to visit Vietnam?

This incredibly beauty is UNESCO World Heritage Site -Halong bay in Vietnam. 1960 isles! Could you imagine how it had to be to see all this from the boat?

I've watched the documentaries about this area many times but every time I have the impression it is not real. These photos were taken by "normal" persons that travelled there! So, I have to believe them.

Did you notice that the most beautiful places in the world are where the civilization could not put it's foot? When you watch the documentaries next time, look at the persons in what conditions they live. Maybe I'm not right, when I look at their life from my European point of view. We often thik, we have to change the conditionds of others -humans, animals - to make them more happy. In the last years I read that many of the persons that lived in "primordial"conditions turn back to their origins after they learn our style of life because we do not live naturally. Well, probably everybody has to live where he/she is born. The ancient wissdom says: happy is who finds his place where he is born. I envy such persons...

Ха Лонг на закате
«Ха Лонг на закате» на Яндекс.Фотках

Водными маршрутами
«Водными маршрутами» на Яндекс.Фотках

Cayman Islands -Everything For Tourists

I was really shocked when I've seen this photo. I looked for information and photos for my next post about the Caribbean Pirates and the Cayman Islands. Those were desert islands in XVIII century but many ships, specially English ships, visited them to add tortoises to their menu. There was an enormous population of tortoises in that period there.

Well, when I saw the photo I remembered Steve Irwin.It seems to me, it was the same species of ray-fish that killed him... Oh yes, you are right, is unprobably that somebody would allow the tourists to come near these fishes if they were dangerous but...

Кормление скатов на Каймановых островах
«Кормление скатов на Каймановых островах» на Яндекс.Фотках

And here is the tortoise from the species living on these islands. The residents of the islands grow them now. In fact, I found different reviews where the persons that visited these islands tell about it. The stories in those reviews are so enthusiastic, that I began to dream about such a vacation too. Interesting cruises and swimming in this clear water every day -what could be better?

Большие черепахи с Каймановых островов
«Большие черепахи с Каймановых островов» на Яндекс.Фотках

Your Breakfast In Italy

I just wrote about the breakfasts in Italy and practically now I'll repeat my opinion. It is because different persons claimed the breakfasts in Italian Hotels, this time. Personally I don't like hotels because they seem to me ...I don't know how to express it... they have not a soul. They don't like you. Hotels -buildings, not the persons. That is why I do everything possible to avoid them if I can. But the brekfasts in hotels are a special side of the story. They are terrible. It's not only my opinion, it's what different persons think about this theme. And not only about the low cost but middle-high level hotels too.

The solution, if you are in Italy, is very simple.
Go out in the street. Look right and left. Find a bar. Look inside if they have "cornetti" and, if those they have, you like them. It's besser if they are warm like in this photo.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

Enter in the bar and ordine "un caffè (cappuccino) e un cornetto ( con marmellata/chocolata)" -about euro 1,00-1,40/ 1,80 in our zone.
If you want more coffee, ask "caffè lungo makkiàto (it's pronunciation, you have to write "macchiato") -on my second photo (the same price of normal coffee), a coffee cup full with coffee with a drop of milk. "Kapuchchìno"(cappuccino) is coffee with milk in a little tea-cup. You can ask milk with coffee and it will be a big glass with much milk and some coffee ("latte con caffè").

Believe me, it will be a great breakfast specially if you found a bar with very good "cornetti". If you want more, eat the second "dolce" ("sweety") that you like.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

28 March 2010

Springtime in Edinburgh

Finally the spring is here and we can enjoy the sun, the mild wind and the beauties of Edinburgh that seems to become younger too. Our Edinburgh apartments allow us to see all the magnificent views of the city in the morning shine, and they call us to go out and to permit to the sun to caress the skin. Edinburgh has many places to visit in any period. Some of the most important museums of the UK, for example. Don't you know them? The National Gallery of Scotland where you can see the works of Velazquez, Cézanne, Monet and Gauguin. I adore Impressionists and this attraction is irresistible for me. The other is The Modern Museum of Scotland where you can learn more about culture and the history of Scotland. In the Royal Museum of Scotland you can "meet" famous sheep Dolly, and many other scientific discoveries will present you the world from the side you've never thought about.


But we do not want to enter the buildings in this splendid spring day. What is better than an airing in the Gardens of the Princes Street? There are only two steps from our Edinburgh accommodation till this shopping district of the Old Town. The street divides the historical center in two parts. The gardens were planned together with the streets in XVIII century and built in XIX century, and that is why they have that fashion of that gorgeous fine age. Standing in the shadow of the Castle we have a great look on the city. Tourists and townspeople are here too. It's the place of the meetings for all those who are in Edinburgh in any period, but spring sun makes it so that nobody can stand aside and do not come here.

27 March 2010

Pompei, Italy: Explanations On The Streets

This post continue the talk about my trip in Pompei, Italy (region Campania) Now I want to show you an interesting peculiarity of this town. I liked it very much.

На улицах Помпеи

On the main streets that diverge from the Sanctuary I found great signs with the descriptions from the life in the Roman age. Written in Italian and English but with beautiful and clear pictures if you don't know both of them. I think, it's very good innovation (it did not exist when I was there last time). Every visitor of the excavations, like me, could not imagine what was here before. The ruins are only the ruins -they are the same in all the times, they are not interesting if you do not understand what it is.

I invented this photographing of the signs when I have not time to read them, than I come home and can read them clearly with zoom. They are full of interesting information normally.

На улицах Помпеи

26 March 2010

How To Be Sure To Take Bus Or Train In Campania, Italy

When you travel in other country or in an other region of own country, you have to solve a problem with tickets. I just wrote, it's comfortable to buy all the possible tickets online, if tere is this possibility. Tickets of trains, airplains and museums-shows-exhibitions are often avilable online. It's completly different, if you have to waste time looking for a ticket office and than wait your turn to buy that ticket, or when you just have a ticket and can only explore the timetable and the place where you have to take your bus/train and maybe visit the toilet or a bar.

I could not understand the system here, in Campania, where to find that damned ticket, so I'll describe it here if you suddenly need this information. You will read my next posts about the wines of Campania and will decide to come here urgently to taste them together with me. ;-))) Well, if together, you don't need to read this post because you will have me as a guide, and I just know everything.

On the photo over here id the railway station of Pompei. It was my latest trip, so, this is the most fresh photo I have. Why I did not take a photo of the railway station of Nocera Superiore -is a mystery that nobody could explain today.

In any case you hacve to know that many of the stations DO NOT HAVE ticket offices. That of Pompei has it, but that of Nocera Superiore has no ticket office neither timetables. Here you have to know just what train you have to take and to be just with a ticket.

If there is a ticket office, you have not to be toooooo happy about it. Because you have to be sure that it will be open when you come there.

Once I had to visit one of the near villages. It was the period when the new system to buy tickets was introduced here. I had not tickets. The bus driver waited for me till I bought the ticket in the bar, and I could happily arrive in that village I had to go. About an hour later I finished all my tasks there and wanted to go home... when I discovered all the shops, bars, offices etc etc were closed for lunch. And they will be open at 17:00. Point. It was at 13:00. This village is about 10 km far from my home... I stopped the bus (the same -I was happy that day) and prayed the driver to take me on board. I don't want money, he said, I'm not a ticket collector. But he allwod me to enter.

These are the new (for today) tickets you can use in most busses and trains of the region. The same for the bus and for the train. Valid for that period of time written on it. It means, if you need to take first bus than train, than another train (if you go from Nocera in Pozzuoli for example), you can use one ticket till you reach the place where you are going.

If you don't find a ticket office in the station, you have to look for "Tabaccaio" or a nearest bar or news stall. Look for a such sign:

The Madonna of the Rosary Sanctuary of Pompei

I told you, I wanted to visit a manifestation where were presented the wines of Campania that took place in Pompei on Marz, 25. It happend so that I came an hour earlier and had time to visit Sanctuary too.

This Sanctuary is very important for all the residents of Campania and there is a day in May,I think, when they go to visit it at feet. A sort of pelgrinage. I know persons that walk 12 km till Pompei every year to thank Madonna for received grace. Once I has to go in Naples with the bus that passed through Pompei on that day and there were hundreds of persons walking in Pompei long all the road.

Базилика в Помпеях

I just described the sanctuary in my post Sanctuary Of The Modern Pompei and invite you to visit it for more information and photos.

22 March 2010

Ebuzzing UK For Bloggers And Advertisers

Bloggers, earning money with ebuzzing in the UK is now a reality!  The platform announces it's launch and invites all us bloggers to earn money by blogging and inserting videos and banners in our blogs. It's a good idea, I would say, to connect different possibilities to monetize our blogs in one project. Personally I don't like when the things become too complicated. Not only because I'm lazy, but also because the earnings of every single banner or block of ads can be not very significant. When they come from different companies, you have to wait for a long time to reach the sum before you can transfer to your bank. In this case, when all the payments contribute to create this sum, the payment's date is not that far away.  

Here I'll explain to you how it works. 

First of all register on to control the new opportunities you can take advantage of in order to earn money by writing articles for existing campaigns. You can read about the previous campaigns in the post "Why you should join ebuzzing", visiting ebuzzing's blog.

The other possibility is to add players for  the video campaigns to the sidebar. It's not difficult. Select the video by language, if there is a campaign in English, and add the code to the HTML-widget of your blog. On the photo you see how it will appear once finished the installation.

On the photo below is the example how you can insert banners in your blog. After that you will earn money every time somebody watches the video.

Monetisation of a blog was never so easy, clear and effective. Join our community of bloggers on Ebuzzing and enjoy all the great possibilities it offers to you.

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19 March 2010

In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (3)

My posts about great European wildernesses were quitz before (In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (2) ,In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (1) ). This time I don't ask you any question because I think, you will not be able to answer where is situated this next region. If you want to try, it's a national park, in Europe, clear, the delta of a great river. It's very big (4152 km²) and is situated in 2 countries. Well, better to say, the 2 countries are situated in the area of this great river. You can see the environment on the photo. The answer is under the photo.

«Нежно» на Яндекс.Фотках

If you recognized the area, I confirm: it's Danube Delta, the second largest river delta in Europe. And here is the waltzer "The Danube's Waves" to celebrate your quick-wittedness

18 March 2010

The 7 Lakes Region In Patagonia

If you like lakes, you will appreciate the "region of 7 lakes" in Argentina and the region of Bariloche. I've seen a documentary yesterday and was surprised to know, the landscapes are so different in Patagonia. This word created completely different images in my mind. I thought about the wales, pinguins and rocks maybe, but did not think, there could be a sort of Swiss there.

«Мечта» на Яндекс.Фотках

From Swiss image you find not only lakes and forests, there is a local chocolate there. They say, it's very good. And the residents began to coltivate grapes and to produce wine. It seemed very strainge for me, I did not think about the products they have there, but in my mind I was sure, there is everything in Argentine. Own grapes and wine too.

The most interesting was for me the notice, they have entire supermarket of chocolate where you can see how they "cook" it, how they produce what they sell.

My husband told me about the incredible meat there. Infact, we have meat from Argentine in our supermarkets too. It's very different from that Italian. If you need 2 hours tocook meat from Italy, you prepare meat from Argentina in only 40 minutes and less.

Well, i've watched the meat in the documentary... I'm not surprised the Argentinians eat 60 kg of this meat every year for a person...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

The Fashion Of The Pirates' Treasure

If you read my posts about the pirates and their treasures, you surely noticed, they were very active in the Caribbean sea in XV-XVIII centuries (Finally the Pirate's Treasures For Us!!!, An Other Pirate's Island, Pirates of Port Royal/ Giamaica and others) I thought, why the pirates were so successful? They say, some of the ships were even more new and had more arms but they allowed the pirates to conquere them.

Probably, the matter was the crews that were fashinated by the freedom and the reputation of the leaders of the bands. They say, there was not discrimination by color of the skin, and everything the pirates took, they devided in equal parts between all the members of the crew.


Interesting is the story of one pirate named Bellamy Sam and the ship Whydah Gally. Black Sam was able to sack 54 ships after he took this ship for him. Al the treasure of 54 conquered ships was in Whydah. The ship became too heavy, sank in a storm and the cannons and treasures covered all the persons (only 2 remain alive). Re-discovered in 1982 only a part of the ship's treasure, the rest is waiting for us.

Bellamy was only 29 years old when died. The yougest member of crew had less than 11 years (Barry Clifford found his shoe and a sock).

13 March 2010

If You Plan To Visit Argentina

Turismo en Argentina attracts many persons and I just wrote articles about this beautiful country. It covers so different zones that is really difficult to plan the trip and include all the interesting places to visit. So it is better, if you begin with one city as Buenos Aires, or the most important for you destinations.

The list of the Hoteles en Argentina will help you to find cities where you want to stop and to choose prices and conditions that meet your wishes. This site offers you a special search tool that allows you to mark services you would like to have in the hotel. The other tool will show you only the hotels of the category you are looking for.

The special pages of the Hoteles en Buenos Aires contain not only descriptions. You can see the position of the hotel on the map, the list of services and the photos. A little tool allows you to check availability of the rooms for the period of your stay in Buenos Aires.

Tired from the life of the big cities? Plan a vacation in San Carlos de Bariloche where mountains, lakes and wild nature offer the possibilities of all related activities. Book your Hoteles en Bariloche and forget civilization. Partecipate on the excursions in the region and enjoy chocolates. Mmmm... inexpressible impressions...

12 March 2010

Ohhh... Monaco...

Monaco is one of the most interesting o beautiful places I've ever visited in my life. I think about it from time to time with nostalgia and dream to have the possibility to go there more often.

I went there with my friends and we wanted to see the most important places: the palace of princes, built in XIII century, the Oceanographic Institute, the prison .. :-) don't laugh, it's in a fantastic place near the garden for the children.

Трасса формула 1 Монако
«Трасса формула 1 Монако» на Яндекс.Фотках

The harbour has nothing tooo interesting except the possibility to see the underwater life of the port. There was a ship with windows at underwater level. It was a rarity at that times. But the price was too high for us, 300 francs (I think) for person.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

The town is very nice, there is not soil because there are only rocks and houses everywhere, but there are gardens and pools on the roofs and terraces.

Why I liked it so much? Maybe because it's a carefully created by princes "fable" about this principality. If you think about it, you will surely agree, we have a very romantique imagination abut this place. A legend, a fable.

A real fable we've seen in the evening for the old casino of Monte Carlo. Incredible cars arrived for the entrance and the women wearing long ball dresses went out these cars and entered the building. I've never seen such cars and clothes in real life more.

Казино Монте-Карло
«Казино Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

Castle In Prague

Prague is a city where it seems there is something that influences the mind of the visitors. My friends and different persons I met tell about Prague with such emotions! They have not enough words to describe it.

I never was in this city and can only post here the photos I found in the free gallery I use normally for my posts.
Here is the castel of Prague that is and was always residence of the kings and than of the presidents. They say, it's the biggest area for presidents in the world, and probably the biggest castel's area in the world (Guinness book). What is interesting, there are streets for simple residents there, too.

Дождь начинается, пора нам убегать, А мы стоим, какая благодать......
«Дождь начинается, пора нам убегать, А мы стоим, какая благодать......» на Яндекс.Фотках

The most impressing building there is Saint Vitus's Cathedral. It's belltower is 96 m high and you can walk up 278 steps till 56 m high situating landing. In the same turm there is the biggest bell of the Czech Republic. It has a name (Sigmund) and is in use from 1549

Собор святого Вита
«Собор святого Вита» на Яндекс.Фотках

Great Lakes: Baikal

With this post I want to begin the discovery of the great lakes and the first of them had to be Baikal. It is my big dream to visit it. I even have relatives that live not too far from this lake, but I never had time to go there. I lived always in the European part of the SU and I needed too much time and money for such a journey. So, I think, it will remain only a dream for me, forever.

But they say, there are different reasons to visit those places.

Байкальские сосны
«Байкальские сосны» на Яндекс.Фотках

First of all, the splendid nature. Than marvelous persons (the people in wild places are very good -something like this I just had in my life when I visited Karelia). Finally great food and mystic places. They tell about real shamans and healers. There are many interesting fishes and animals -there is even a seal there!

Unfortunatelly, my friends write me -and I partecipated at the action of protest too- the government of Russia wants to open a dangerous fabric. And to destroy the entire eco-system.

Вид на Байкал и исток Ангары
«Вид на Байкал и исток Ангары» на Яндекс.Фотках

11 March 2010

Looking For Special Flights And Vacation Offers

Travelling is for many of us connected with the necessity to choose flights and right airports, good offers of the vacation packs and hotels with services that match our desires. Just today I passed some hours looking for a flight I have to book. Great help for traveller offer in this sense are sites like where you find in one place everything you need to plan your trip.

First of all, just on the home page there are many sales offers to reach practically any destination paying less for expiring airfare. With Hot Specials and it's pick deals you can find excellent selection of international airfares, hotels, cars, holidays, cruises. Why are they so attractive? Investing the same sum you dedicated to your vacation, you can visit more places or stay more time in the hotel or spa you like. As for me, those are great possibilities.

If you look for cheap flights, you will be surprized visiting this site not only to see the prices of different destinations in Asia, Africa, Euroa and America. You can book multistop flights directly from this site and even plan your travel round the world. Well, maybe you are more expert but I have never seen something similar in other places, sites or agencies.

Finally the Pirate's Treasures For Us!!!

We continue to discover places that are connected with the pirates in the memory of the humanity. The previous posts were Looking for Pirates and Treasures, Pirates of Port Royal/ Giamaica, An Other Pirate's Island and told about 2 "capitales" and an island often frequented by pirates in the XVII century. Today we will speak about an island where they found REALLY great treasure left by a famous pirate Henry Morgan. I tell you about Roatan in Honduras, a paradise on the Earth, tell those who visited it. You can fly there from Cancun (40 min). Have with you American dollars because the residents use them or "Lempiras" -so more or less.

The air is profumed with the flowers, white beaches and optimal conditions in the hotels (tourists tell). And the corals and pacific sharks to swim together.

The treasures found in the 60-th were only a little part of what was hiden, so we have finally the possibility to get what we are looking for!!!!!

Остров Роатан

Oracles And Haruspices To Visit

When I wrote the post about the oracle lake in Tibet (Searching For The Revelation of the Future) the theme seemed to me very interesting, so I wanted to explore it deeper.
If you are interested to learn more about oracles and similar, you will surely appreciate the idea to visit places where they operated.

There is a cave not too far from here, antro della Sibilla, where it was possible to ask gods to answer the questions, too. I was there but actualy I have not photos from there. Such places were numerous in Ancient Greece and in Etruria in Italy. Etrurians, by the way, were known as the best haruspices, those who knew to interprete the will of the Gods observing the natural events, birds, the entrails of sacrificed animals etc. The last record of a haruspex comes from year 405.

In Piacenza, a city in Tuscania, Italy, you can see a special tool for haruspices, a life-sized model of liver with explanations written in Etruscian language. (the Municipal Museum of Piacenza, in the Palazzo Farnese on the photo)

The most important places, where there were oracles, were listed by Herodotus:
Delphi, Abae, Ioannina, Dodona, Klaros, Buto -in Greece, one other was in Libia. It's the plan of the posts for the next times.

In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (2)

Those who like wild nature will enjoy this my new series of posts. Here I want to explore the last great wild areas in Europe. The first post was a simple quitz (In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (1)). I was sure, it's the first image that appears in the heads, when we touch this theme. I don't write the name so if you want to control yourself, you can open the page and read.

This time I present you an other place and, if you like questions, try to guess:
One day Americans noticed they killed all the American buffalos, and the life is much more poor without these animals in America.
To ri-populate prairie, Americans imported European bisons (wisents).

С годом быка!
«С годом быка!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Where is the last big population of European bisons?

Watch this video and listen to the special song about this forest.

The answer is
Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park (BE) 1,771 km2 / Białowieski Park Narodowy (PL) about 100 km2
Surely, it's possible to visit these National Parks. And it's the paradise for hunters all over the world.

09 March 2010

Wikio Shopping For the Traveller

A very interesting notice I'll tell you today. After great success in France and other european countries, Wikio, a European search engine, launches Wikio Shopping for UK, an innovative way to shop online. Why is it so important for us? I'll explain to you here why I like it. Suppose we are looking for a hotel in a place that we want to go for our next vacation. I'm sure it'll amaze you. First of all, the welcome page presents all the categories clearly, with photos, so that you do not have to lose time searching for the location for product of your interest. When I clicked on the category "hotels", I remained literally with my mouth open. There was a list of cities divided by countries! You know, I have blogger friends from Malaysia that like to go to Kuala Lumpur and tell us so much about it, so now I dream about visiting it. I decided to explore hotels of this city. And here comes the best part of Wikio Shopping. The main list of the hotels -and there are 151 in my search results- gives price, description and stars. You can also see if there are photos and reviews from the visitors of this hotel. When you click the name of the hotel, you pass to it's main page, where you can find price comparisons of the proposals from different agencies. There is a star rating, user opinions and photos. It's very important to see photos of the hotel, as you know. From this point of view, if the clients take photos of their hotel, it's the best sign that they liked it. Ah, forgot, there is the map and similar products too. In some words: I remain impressed and content of this new possibility to find what I need online.

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Searching For The Revelation of the Future

Looking for informations about Tibet I found this beautiful photo (in the bottom) and wanted to know more about this lake. Because it's not a common lake.
But we have to begin from the beginning describing it. :-)

Lhamo La-tso, Wikipedia tells, is situating not far from Lhasa at an altitude of about 5,300 m and covers an area of only about 2 square kilometres. I could not find something about the depth of the lake. Probably, nobody was so courageous to explore it.

Because this lake is Holy, Vision or Oracle lake. The most sacred in Tibet.
While gazing it, the monks discover the re-incarnation of Dalai Lama but there are many visitors that come there to try to see something in it's water. Visions or forecasts.

The Goddess on the picture here is Palden Lamo. She protects the lake, the Dalai Lama and Lhasa too. If you come to the lake with proper devoutness, is possible you will see your future in it's mirror.

Bön Mask Dance Festival

I rarely write about Tibet in this blod and am happy to remember you great travel destinations I described in my previous posts. Valley of the Death in Tibet, had great success, and National Geographic About Shangri-La Treasures.

One of the very requested destinations in the places conected with Tibetans (not only in Tibet but in India and Nepal) are the buddhist monasteries. It would be maybe interesting to write a sequence of posts about them, but today I want to write not about the monastery (Menri Monastery, a Bön monastery first in Tibet, actually re-founded at Dolanji in Himachal Pradesh, India) but about the Mask Dance Festival you can visit there.

«Ладак» на Яндекс.Фотках

If you are interested in Mask Dances, you have to know that there are different nations performing them. Corea, Japan, Thailand, Senegal, Guatemala and Tibet/China partecipate at Andong International Mask Dance Festival. I will write about these dances in my next posts.

What I did not understand -and maybe somebody knows to tell me- WHY these dancers have to use masks? To scare bad spirits?

An Other Pirate's Island

Our next stop in search of the places, where we could "meet" pirates, is Curaçao, a little island in the same region, Caribbean sea. We visited island Tortuga and Port Royal in my previous posts. Those were the "capitals". This island was not very good for life because there were problems with potable water. That is why Spanish did not want to leave here.

Next come Dutchmen on the island. And you can understand it, if you look once on the photo of Willemstad. Very happy colors, mmm?

Кюрасао, Нидерландские Антилы
«Кюрасао, Нидерландские Антилы» на Яндекс.Фотках

The island was rich in that period, and the pirates liked to visit it to change or sell their merchandise. By the way, guess, part of what country is this island today? If you do not remember, it is about 80 km distant from Venezuela. Here (Wikipedia)

The answer is "is one of five island territories of the Netherlands Antilles, and as such, is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands." ;-)))

And here is a very interesting "tourist guide" for those who wants to go there the first time.

04 March 2010

Create Your Great Vacation

I write many posts about the possibilities to invent very special events in our life, thinking about it a month or more before in the last period. Here I describe you an other way to create a great vacation. It's simple using coupons collected by Savings. It's a site where you can find all sort of deals that can donate the satisfaction to have as much as possible with the same money. Among other offers there are those for travellers. And I assure you, you will find very interesting proposals.

We want to begin with the entertainment. Southwestairlines promo code allows us to save till $200 with complete vacation packages. There are different destinations. You want to visit Disneyland with all the family? Well, you can stay 5 nights and pay only 3. Or you like to have discounts "all inclusive"? There is a great offer where you can receive Disney Gift Cards.

Ohhh, Las Vegas! My dream. Can you imagine to receive a splendid Spa packege with Savings Las Vegas coupons? Sincerely, I would leave everything and take this possibility. Specially with free treatments... After this terrible winter I feel so depressed and put on 100 years. I just began to look, if it's possible to find something similar. I HAVE to do it and get back my youth.

Finally, the flights. To find something interesting, control Savings travel coupons. Is 60% discount not enough interesting for you? Excuse me. France pass, Swiss pass, Saver pass are thought to force you to visit not only one but different places. We have such pass here too and I was sceptical about it's benefits. My friends told me, they bought it in Paris. They were very content and tell, it is the right way to save money, if you want to visit all the possible museums.

In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (1)

Are you tired to see all the signs of civilisation? Let's explore the last wildernesses of Europa. Here is one of them. I would like to ask you: Can you say Where it is? Help? Europe...
The answer is under the second photo. Don't scroll too quickly!

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

The answer I like to give you with this dance

Do you like this sort of quitz? Well, the first was easy. Next will be more complicated.

Read more:
In Search Of Europe's Great Wildernesses (2)

Metropolitan Borough Birmingham

The photos are from Wikipedia
My friends that know Greek language told me, we do not use the word "metropolis" in correct way today. It means infact "mother town", the town from where these or that persons come. To explain the concept: the greek population of Italian colonies (like Neapolis or Pithekoussai and all the others) could come from different towns of Greece. Those towns were metropolis for that Greeks.

I read from time to time about motropolitan boroughs in UK and those mean agglomerations of persons near this or that city. Near London, near Birminghem in this case.

The city has for example the population about 700 000 persons but in the metropolitan borough live more than 2 millions.

This part of UK is the West Midlands county and the metropolitan borough of Birminghem is so big today to cover the territory of other counties. So, don't be mistaken if you plan to go to this city. We speak now about Birminghem-Birminghem and not about it's distant approaches.

площадь перед торговым центром
«площадь перед торговым центром» на Яндекс.Фотках

торговый центр
«торговый центр» на Яндекс.Фотках

I read about this city in the news today and wanted to see some photos. So, I found some tooooo modern images like those you see here. And was surprised. This place was occupied by humans just about 11 000 years ago. It has to be an old center there. But the persons visiting it seem to appreciate this ultra modern stile.

Infact, you see the silhouettes of the antic buildings.
Now, I really want to visit this town because I don't understand how is it possible to put together such different mentalities. As for me, I surely would preserve the historical integrity of the landscape.

Problems With Tickets And Agencies

The new year's plans lead to the thoughts about the destinations of trips and tickets. So, I began to look for the offers and news about airlines and railway routs. Here are some short lines to describe the situation. We, clients, don't know it and can fall in traps.

First of all, be sure the site or agency where you book your tickets are authorized to sell them.
I never thought about it. It stands to reason for me, the agency selling tickets may do it. But not everything is so simple as it seems. The news write about such deceptions.

Personally, I had other problems with agencies.
They do not like other "brothers" even if they work FOR them (agency selling tickets of the railway). And they do not like clients that buy in other places (online) and than come to them to solve problems. They HAVE to solve your problem but they don'y want do it and damage you if they are forced.

For example, once I had to change my train ticket bought online. I went in a railway station office, but it was possible to do ONLY in an agency. I had to do somersaults to force the employee to change that ticket. Finally he did it. His revenge I understood when I entered the compartment where I had to pass sitting! all the night. It was a compartment only for men. 5 men and me. One of them, in front of me -as to spite- was a cretin that touched my legs all the night under the table that was in center of the compartment, and was happy to look at my reaction. I had to travel other 2 days that time, so the beginning was really showing great promise.

From that "adventure" I think 10 times before I book something. So that I have not to change it than.

02 March 2010

Is Right Outdoor Clothing Important For Traveller?

Years ago I was sure, the outdoor clothing is not important for traveller and for outdoor activities. If you have a desire to walk or to enjoy the nature, it's enough to wear comfortable things you use everyday, I said. We are addicted by consumerism, that was my opinion about it. It was so till my husband began to run and to practise mountain trekking he got back to his normal weight. First of all he went in the specialized shop and tried all the brands like Berghaus, for example, those are his favourite.

I still could not understand why he needs special boots or trousers, jackets or backpacks. Surely we go in the mountains together, and the first time I wore my normal clothes. It's for my age, I thought, because I was too tired after it. So, the next visit to the shop I wanted to try the boots. Just to see what is the difference. I like to walk and am able to cover many kilometers trekking. That is why the bad state of my feet after my favourite pastime worried me. I liked the walking boots and bought them. It was great, you know. Simply great.

They envelop the feet, make them protected from anything they can meet -stones, sliding or casual, holes etc on your way. Feet are always in the right position and do not hurt. You will laugh: I changed my footwear and use shoes for trekking when I can now. You know, I live on the mountain, and when I have to go somewhere, I have to make at least 2 kilometers up and down the mountain to reach the bus. Having sturdy clothing makes all the difference when outside.

Well, it was my main problem and I wrote so much about it. Other clothes for outdoors are comfortable too. They are very light and have the same task to solve the problems of the person during the trekking. Imagine, you can find stuff for any outdoor activity and climatic zone. So, next time you think about a new trip try special clothes.

Impermanence As The Travel Destination

Everybody of us is afraid of changes in the life. The old, usual world goes away and something unknown comes on it's place. We can't know, if it is good or bad, we don't know, if it will take benefits or sufferings. We think, sufferings are more frequent in this life, and we don't like them.

Well, you are not right, I don't want to open courses of philosophy here. I want to suggest you a new way to choose the aim of your next trip. Impermanence. What I mean with it? Now I'll explain the idea to you with the photos.

Мессинский пролив. г.Мессина. Вид на материк, часть региона Калабрия (самый-самый мысочек итальянского сапога)
«Мессинский пролив. г.Мессина. Вид на материк, часть региона Калабрия (самый-самый мысочек итальянского сапога)» на Яндекс.Фотках

On the photo over here is Messina/Sicilia and the strait between it and the Italian peninsula. This is the classic view that remains so for years and centuries. But it will not be so forever. The Italian government wants to build a bridge here, connecting the island with the mainland. This way, they say, the cars will arrive the ports and the life on the island will be not so expensive.

The problem is that just in this strait, between these parts of earth there is a place where 2 big parts of the earth crost meet and move. What will happen with the bridge over them?

In any case if you visit Messina today, before they begin to build that bridge, you can see it so as the Earthfather created it. If you will come some years later, you will probably find i new bridge -or the rests of it. (the bridge in Istanbul on the photo)

«Стамбул-Константинополь» на Яндекс.Фотках
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