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14 December 2012

My Only Travel Dream

When my tourists ask me if I am tired to visit always the same places, I think about their constant research for always new places, things, something they are did not see else. All of them -most if not all- say me they were practically everywhere, there is nothing that could be new for them. When I listen to them, I think that I do not have a desire to VISIT any place of this Earth. I have only one "desire". I would like to pass one-two weeks near the sea in Maldive.

What is it? I do not know, sincerely. Now, before I began to write this post, I opened some internet pages about Maldive and, watching videos and photos, I understood that it's just where I really would like to pass some time. probably, I've heard about this place in TV.

So, this is how looks my dream

I would not disturb animals and environment, I would not fish or snorkel. I would only lay in the water enjoying swimming and on the beach, from time to time, if I would become tired of water...

Now, I read that a vacation would not cost too much for me. I wanted to see the prices and found really surprising 500 - 800 euros return flight...

What can I say you: if you do not find me blogging here for some time, it means, I' m on the beach of one of the islands of Maldive. :-))))

30 November 2012

Naples - One Image of Perfection

Naples is surely a place where you can find too many images of perfection. And it's not a fact that can surprise a visitor. Naples was always a capital and it's kings and other nobles were very rich. To give you an example, I can remember the story of the last prince of Salerno here. His name was Ferrante Sanseverino. And you will surely find much about his tragic fate.

Not only nobles and kings, - monasteries were very very rich, too. Well, they were populated by the same noble offsprings. There are different of that monasteries (closed, property of the state) in Naples and the region. I like to visit one of them, the S. Martin monastery.

Normally, there are stable expositions there, but I like to see them even often. For example, this church is a marvel, a marble carpet of incredible beauty.

the wooden "carpets" are not less precious. The colors of the wood are surprisingly different and the work of the artisans is so fine that you can't even imagine how could they do such fine inlays.

But than you go out and see the nature... The unbelievable beauty of this paradise on the Earth. The monks knew really good what means to be near the God, you think. Ohhh, I would like to be a monk in this monastery, you continue to think.

Who knows, maybe you will become a great poet just in this moment of intimacy with the Creator...


23 November 2012

"Artists' Lights" in Salerno

Salerno, a little town in the Italian region Campania, is my favorite place for pleasant walks. From December, they open the joyful period of "Artists' Lights", and this event just turned it's ...mmm... 3-d or even more edition.

Many Salernitans do not like this pointless expense of great money  (they say, it costs millions of euros). All these sums have to be sent to the culture etc, they say. And, I think, they are right. How many historically important sites could be open with this money? How many persons could pass better their lives, their feasts, if these millions were paid to open museums etc. Many museums in Campania remain closed or open only a part of their expositions (like National Archaeological Museum of Naples or the historically important sites in Salerno).

But the tourists like the idea of the lights the same. I know that many residents of Naples and other important cities of Campania come specially in Salerno to see these Lights.

What are they? I post here some of this year photos. I had not the possibility to visit Salerno enough time to make all the photos but I think I'll show them  to you in December.

By the way, many of this flowers are made from plastic bottles.


17 November 2012

World Flights with

Flight offers of are really endless. In fact, this Australia's travel site is possible to call all-in-one solution for traveler because it gives so many interesting ideas of a travel for every age and purse that the visitor does not need to continue his / her web navigation. It's impossible to stop to explore the site where vacation you've ever dreamed about is possible!

So many times you imagined how you fly in Asia or explore the incredible beauties of Australia... And... why not the cities of USA? partners are all the leading careers and that is the reason why it's so easy to find the right airfare you prefer.

First of all, you have to choose your destination. And, if you are looking for a next vacation, it's better maybe to have a personalized advise for great quantity of interesting offers worthwhile your attention. In this case, you can talk with travel experts. Oh, yes, I've just wrote this site is complete. And the experts are only a call far from you.

Than, scroll down the page and find different categories of flights on sale: cheap flights, business flights etc.  We often do not go in a place we dreamed all our life for prohibitive prices. This problem is possible to bypass on for great choice of offers and sales, exactly.

But what touched me more than other are the world flights. I did not know about it before. It is possible to pay a round world flight and enjoy two stops during it. And, what's amusing, there are more then one itineraries! Exciting! The modern life is so interesting just for this reason: the possibilities to travel are infinite!

08 November 2012

Cruise Ship as a Residence Block

An entire life is a travel without end. I could not believe my eyes but it's true. This beautiful cruise ship is ...a multy-storied house. In sense it's a residential block! You can read about it in many articles. There are 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments, and 40 studios in this "house". The apartments cost from $600,000. Relatively not too much if we remember that here, in Italy, a simple flat costs from $150,000.

Imagine this romantic existence: you see everyday new views when you wake up in your flat... And you have to go in your office every day some hours earlier... and than turn home in the evening... Well, for the residents of this house everything is not so complicated. Probably, their life has not such problems. And, as the articles say, they do not live on the ship but visit it from time to time.

And what about the monthly fees and all kinds of taxes? you ask me. Yes, you are right, it's true. There are taxes and fees. $20,000 /month. Here is the main difference because we pay not more than $300 /month normally, yes?

Honestly, I would not like to live on this ship. I would prefer to pay a luxury world cruise. As for me it would be the best way to invest money- But... I'm not a resident of this ship and can't valuate the good and bad sides of MS The World

08 October 2012

Crimea Many Years Ago

When I was a little girl and was not more than 12 years old (because we undertook such a trip last time when I had 12), my father had vacations in summer and he wanted to stay near the sea during this period. One of his friends told him that there are beaches in the Crimea where all the persons come with their tends and live in them all the vacation period (by the way, such places still existed some years ago, I know).

It was so the first year:
All the winter and spring (I think so) we saw a tent and... FINALLY!!! the vacation began.
We went in the Crimea with a train. From the railway station, we had to go long-long-long time till a little settling where we had to go till the beach at feet from.

I still remember such views

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

The Crimea was an exceptional place for a good vacation. The splendid nature, warm Black Sea, many interesting places... Who knows if it remained so till today... They say: Never turn back where you felt happy. So, Crimea remained as a kind of Paradise in my memories.

27 September 2012

Vacation in Autumn Europe

What would you like to visit in Europe? And when? Something like this? I do not agree with you. I would like to visit Europe in autumn because I like autumn generally and autumn in Europe precisely. So, I would like to travel in autumn.

Surfing Pinterest I found some interesting photos and such thoughts filled my head with the mirages of a vacation. I plan a 1-2 days trip in Treviso where I wanted to visit an exhibition of Tibet artifacts that opens on Oct. 20. I was in Turin when there was a similar ( or maybe the same) exhibition. But I will not see annything more except the town, where, by the way, I have never been before.

The only possibility I have to see the European autumn are these photos. It's sad, yes, but this year is so: I did not see the summer for too much work, I even did not swim this summer... Ohhh, it's really bad for me.

Maybe, I will find some days to visit one of these castles at least in winter... In the mean time - enjoy the photos of autumn in Europe.

13 September 2012

I Would Like to Visit this Balancing rock

What do you think about when you hear these words? Balancing rock? What appears the first in your mind? Maybe, those are the interesting examples of the kind of art you can see on the little photo here. I admire the persons who have such a great patience to make these pieces balance. Incredible, of itself.

But I think about the natural enormous rocks that who knows how can balance on one point. Who was the creator of these art works? The God? I do not understand how could they remain in their strange position for centuries.

The first example of such art of the nature was for me Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo) in Burma. I've seen a documentary how the persons adorned the shrine with gold.
After that, I learned that there are many similar rocks in the nature. You can find many information if you look for "balancing rock" in a search engine.

07 September 2012

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

This is my dream. No, it's really my dream: I wanted to visit Mont Saint Michel.

One blogger wrote me that I lie here, in this blog. I do not tell about the countries I visited personally but about every interesting place in the world. I was surprised. This is a private blog of a normal alive person. it's not a travel magazine and not a travel manual.

The world is big and I can't visit all the world. But I can enjoy the photos of other persons and can dream I would walk there, too.

From other side, do you know what I think now about it? I don't even want to go in this places. I guide persons in Pompei, in other world known tourist objects of Campania in Italy where I live. Do you know that  you have to stand in the line in front of every interesting house in Pompei? There are so many persons walking there that it's difficult to advance long the streets.

Do you know how many persons climb on Vesuvius every day?

So, there is nothing bad that I dream about Mont Saint Michel and other places in my blog, my dear reader. At least, there will remain less footprints.
Source: via Simona on Pinterest

29 August 2012

Consider These Advises During Your Beach Getaway

If you are traveling to the beach or staying at a hotel with a pool, pack your swimsuit in your beach bag. It can sometimes be difficult to sort through everything you have packed. To save time, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and anything else you might need for the beach or pool in a beach bag.

For a trip to wine country or just a beach getaway, if there's a chance you'll be drinking wine, pack a waiter's corkscrew. This tool will come in handy for the bottles you buy at the winery and can make picnics and hotel drinks much easier. A corkscrew can be especially difficult to buy when traveling abroad, so plan ahead and toss one in your suitcase to make life easier.

Make sure to choose a type of vacation that suits your personality. If you hate being outdoors, you shouldn't go to the beach! Personality styled vacations are becoming increasingly popular these days, with everything from adults-only cruises to geek-friendly trips. Search for a vacation that you will truly enjoy.

Bring clothespins on your next trip. While not on your typical travel list, a handful of clothespins can prove very useful. They can be used to hang up a wet beach towel or bathing suit, keep snacks fresh and from spilling in the car and can be used on hotel curtains to ensure that you don't wake at sunrise when light comes streaming in.

If you want to escape your daily routine and not have to worry about anything, you should consider going to a tourist resort. These resorts take care of absolutely everything for you and create a safe environment. It is easy to make new friends and keep your children entertained while you enjoy the beach and great weather.

16 August 2012

At the Springs of the Calore River

This trip was absolutely new and unexpected. My husband who loose his head dreaming about a special place for ornamental ducks, decided to visit a man with the same passion. My husband did not know where that man lives in sense that we did not visit that part of our region before. I did not know anything about it, too. So, I even did not take my photo camera with me since I did not wait to see anything worth a photo. One of my friends said me many times that I have always to put the photo camera in the bag or in the car. But I do not learn from all my previous experiences.

So, we arrived in Capaccio and took a lateral road. Everything was very different from the most frequented parts of the region. Clean, calm, beautiful. There were many -really many- persons who walked alone, in groups and with dogs long that way. I could not understand: what are they doing in this forgotten by God and people  place?

After other 20-30 kms I understood.

A medieval village on the rock

...and a river under that rock

---with special places to enjoy staying near that medieval bridge and that river under that rock

In the immensity of the space, there was not a memory about the not too far existing noisy world

For thousand of years looks that town on the under it laying silence...

09 August 2012

The Streets Near Central Railway Station of Milan

As I just wrote, I was some times in Milan this year. I betrayed my usual hotels district and wanted to live near the railway station. I booked my hotel via (from the form here in the sidebar) where I found a good price, the better among all the other competitors, and so, I lived two steps from the Central station and from two different Metro stations.

Since I pass relatively often by central station of Naples, the difference between these two cities was the first thing I've noticed. And it was shocking.

Unbelievably clean and calm. There were young boys and girls in the evening but they were calm, too. There were some "strange" persons, and I felt not very sure when I had to pass near them. But they were not so intrusive.

This summer is stuffy in Milan, too. And the streets were dusty and hot. But it was a pleasure to walk in the streets of this city.

And this is the building of central railway station of Milan. Historical front but new and modern inside.

05 August 2012

Dubrovnik... Dubrovnik

They say that Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. I never visited it even if I have this destination in my schedule and it seems it's very easy to reach it now with the new train-ship offers of Trenitalia.

If you still did not know about it, I can tell you, because I receive newsletters from Trenitalia from the moment I've bought my first ticket to Milan this year. So, it's possible now to book 2 tickets together: high speed train + a ship that will transport you directly in Dubrovnik. And since with some fortune it's possible to buy a ticket with really small amount of money (there are 9, 19, 29 euro tickets this year), a short time travel to such desired destinations became a possibility to think about.

I do not know, how much would cost such a travel, I did not read about it because I was too busy in the last period. But I began to dream that once I'll be able to visit this town, too.

29 July 2012

Rome for First-Time Visitors

Rome is an attraction for people from all the world and is a city filled with monuments and fascinating elements wherever, Therefore it is worth taking a lot of time walking all-around there. Rome is an easily to walk town, that's very good for first-time guests seeking pictures of must-see places.

Rome was not built in a day and can't be seen in a day. Visitors | travelers | people can have a fantastic | great | amazing | superb | excellent time viewing it's unimaginable | unbelievable points of interest or to get pleasure from lazy afternoons in numerous fine restaurants long the road.


 Lots of people come here both to enjoy the remains of ancient Rome: Colosseum, Trajan's Column, and St Peter's Basilica with Vatican Museums and their unique art items. Many arrive as pilgrims to the capital of Christianity or to see the Pope. For all of them, Rome is among the most religiously and culturally valuable areas on earth. 

However it has pretty modern sight-seeing opportunitiessuch as the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps (Rome lived baroque building boom in the 17th-century), it's largely known for its Roman Empire impressive structures and ruins. So, if you never visited Rome before, greatplaces | points of interest | attractions to take pleasure in in Rome are the Colosseum, Vatican museums, The Pantheon, Tabularium

Special and particular is Rome Jewish Ghetto where it's possible to see the infinite customs of the Jewish culture in Rome. The Rome Jewish community is the oldest in Europe.

Roman food is a well-liked, however simple. It is not complex, but abundant and has many flavours. Traveler can choose from many excellent recipes. It is not difficult to discover a pleasant place where to dine. Trattorias and pizzerias are often family run and offer very special recipes.

Rome is a shopper's paradise, too. Various Italian designer brands, popular in all the world, you can see in countless designer shops and boutiques long your road. There are very popular Designer Villages not too far from the center of Rome, too

14 July 2012

Vesuvius in 2012

Vesuvius erupted  for centuries, but now it sleeps from 1944.  This behaviour is typical for this mount. We know that Hannibal saw Vesuvius erupt in 215 BC, but it was snoozing in 73 BC when Spartacus and other slaves took refuge on its slopes. 100 years later the Greek historian Strabo wrote that Vesuvius was a volcano like Etna because their rocks seemed similar to him, but it was  forgotten when in August 24, 79 AD, eruption began.

Vesuvius has erupted more than 80 times till 1944. The eruptions were very different in severity but all are  explosive. From time to time, the eruptions affect the whole Europe: it was often blanketed by ashes; in 472 and than in 1631, 600 years of sleep after 1037, Vesuvian ashes fell on Istanbul, over 1,000 miles away. 

In December 1631, a great eruption buried many villages, and killed around 3,000 - 4,000 persons with smoke and ash. Torrents of boiling water and mud completed the devastation. After it, it's activity became almost continuous. In 1944, Allied troops had to evacuate an airbase: ash and rocks destroyed fighter planes there.

Vesuvius is a part of the Campanian volcanic arc. This zone includes also other volcanoes: Mount Etna, the Phlegraean Fields (Campi Flegrei), Vulcano, and Stromboli. But Vesuvius' rocks are  chemically different from those erupted from the other Campanian volcanoes.

When erupts, Vesuvius throws pulverized  pumice in the sky to a height of 20.5 miles, molten rock goes out with 1.5  million  tons per second

02 July 2012

Walking in Milan: S.Lorenzo Columns

My last visit in Milan to assist Dalai Lama Teachings on  June, 27 and 28 was very interesting from "touristic" point of view. I had enough time to see some places showing the paleochristian period of the life of this city. 

I just wrote that I never have time for walks when I go in Milan. Normally, the teachings finish late and I arrive in my hotels when it's time to sleep. That is why, I did not see Milan even if I visit this city different times a year. 

This time it was different. I had half a day to explore the places of my interest and those were paleocristian monuments. The second day I wanted to see the frescs of the basilica of S. Lorenzo. My friend asked: a, do you want to see the columns? -No, I want to visit basilica, I answered. She did not add anything more and I forgot about her words. 

So, I thought about a normal square, a church and an antique chapel with the frescs I wanted to confront with those of Naples.

When I entered the square from the sidestreet I remained astonished. I did not expect to see nothing of this kind...

Roman Colonnade street... In front of my eyes... Still alive...

I knew about these streets. There were such constructions in different Roman towns. But I thought, there are maybe the poor rests of them today... And here, in Milan, is such a street making part of the modern city...

I was shocked.

I've seen a reconstruction of the colonnade street in Milan a day before in archeological museum...

:-))) I had to turn back on the earth after I read the explanations written on the wall bill. These are Roman columns, in fact. But they are not the reste of the street but were transportated here from an other place when the basilica was built.

I entered the basilica but it was closed for vidits that day for a mass. So, I could not take photos and was just fortunate that they allowed me to enter.

22 June 2012

Hot Summer in Pompeii and on Vesuvius

Vesuvius and Pompeii are the most known places in all the world, I think. Millions and millions of tourists walk long the streets of the streets of Pompeii and climb the slopes of Vesuvius. They are both on the photo I took two days ago.

Tourists are never ready to meet them both, Pompeii and Vesuvius.

Pompeii covered with dust, similar to a hot frying pan, large, infinite, enormous frying pan you walk on... Fortunately, there are fountains with water ...only in the central part. It's absolutely necessary to have a bottle with you in the hot days.

There are some stalls on the way and near the crater of Vesuvius. It's possible to buy water there. If you forgot it. 

The best cloth in both cases is yashmak -for men and women. If not -something that will cover your head, shoulders, legs.

And be ready to wait in line for the entrance of every interesting place.  

11 June 2012

We Visited Vesuvius with a Bus

Vesuvius is one of the most visited places in the world. Legendary past and tremendous future (scientist promise that the next eruption will be in the next years and, about a week ago, there were 3 degrees shakes not too far from here, about 50-70 km-s from Gulf of Naples. We, who lives here do not think too much about it now. We remember that Vesuvius is dangerous but... there are natural "enemies" in every place of our planet.

Yesterday, I was with the tourists on Vesuvius. It's possible to visit the crater. This summer the possibilities to reach it are different. First is a car -private or taxi; second are busses that start from Pompei, Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Naples. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros. Next is the ecological Mercedes bus wich cost is 20 euros.

We decided to go with a normal bus from Ercolano. We wanted to visit the excavations of Ercolano after it and it's unpossible to change the bus 'I mean to come from Pompei and to go down in Ercolano.

The road is spectacular specially because all the plants flower in this period.

We were very fortunate because the weather was good and we could see all Sorrentine coast and Capri from one side

and Naples with all the islands on the other part.

The bus waits an hour and a half, so you can see the crater and the panorama from Vesuvius. I just wrote about Vesuvius in this blog, so you can write this word in the blog search tool over here and read other posts, too.

01 June 2012

Rich Roman Villas Near Pompei

The most known place of Campania is surely the excavation of Pompei. It's very interesting but not the only example of the roman settling in this fertile and beautiful region. Imperors and all the rich citizens built their villas here: to relax and to use healing air, water and mud. Here I want to tell you some words about one of these villas.

The photos are from the villas of Castellammare di Stabia.

This first is enormous. You see the biggest garden with an "olympic" pool. All around it were many ambiences -for the owners and guests and for the servants, too.

The view from an other villa can show you why they wanted to build their villas in this place. Imagne that there were not houses in front of the villa. This space was occupied by the sea at the Roman times.

Beautiful frescs and other ornaments are still here on their places even if some of them were destroyed by "archeologists" of the Borbons.

Some examples of the original splendor is possible to see on the walls. The modern restorers wanted to show us how could it be when the owners lived there.

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