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23 February 2009

Tours In Alaska And Denali National Park

One of my favorite dream-destinations is Alaska. I read different books and watched documentaries about this land, it's nature, it's animals. Alaska Travel is something that could donate total relax, and many experiences. There are not so many places in the world where you can use Air Taxi for your trips. It is available in Denali National Park. Railroad tours are interesting too. You can cross different landscapes in one day. Well, I don't tell you about car rental and motorcoach connections.

Travel Alaska means not only visits to national parks. There are modern cities where you can feel the spirit of the first explorers and Arctic Coastal people villages where you can learn personally their culture. If you prefere, you can make a Yukon River tour or touch Arctic Polar Circle with your hands.

Maybe you like ocean life, so you can visit the Alaska SeaLife Alaska SeaLife CenterCenter that is dedicated to the research, rehabilitation and education. The other destination of one-day tours is Exit Glacier.

But the most popular is surely Denali Park that is Alaska's crown jewel. Tere are the accomodations within the park where you can live really the nature. Expert tour operators will help you to plan your trip and will explain you what can you do there.

22 February 2009

The Ghost Of Atlantis

The very fresh notice about the traces of Atlantis found thanks to Google Earth. Not far from Africa, 900 km-s from Canarians.

The island existed in about 9600 BC and was described by Plato.

From that time people look for it. Imagine how much could earn who will find it! All the tourists would go only there for different years. :-)))

I don't know how deep has to be the land of Atlantis, but there are different places on the Earth where you can book a boat and go in sea to "visit" antient towns that is possible to see when the weather is good and there are not waves. For example, you can do it in Pozzuoli, not far fron Naples. Unfortunatelly, I was in Pozzuoli only in winter and in spring and could not do this "tour" to tell you my experiences, but I think it has to be interesting specially if you have your photo camera. At least something different.

This time it was an error. We have to wait that somebody will be more fortunate.

Theater Of The Sea

Surfing the web today I found this photo of Minak Theater. This place has to situate not far from Saint Levan (United Kingdom). I've never heard about it before and thought it is Greece. I wanted to find other photos of this place and was surprized to see them because this one is the less "danerous" position. From other places the theater seems to be terrificant.

There are different interesting theaters today. Like that of Pompei. There are shows very often in summer there. I think it's right to use these buildings so as they were projected. It is interesting.

Now imagine to go in this theater. I would like to sit there even without any show. To listen to the waves and to look at the birds and ships... But if it's UK, there are not so many sunny days for it. I began to love more light of the sun. Maybe I say so because I'm tired to stay in home this rainy winter...

Antique Yards Of Lviv Seen From A Height

This is a city i the West part of the Ucraine. I never was there even if I had heard manydifferent opinions about it. When I wrote the post about Cathedral of Salerno, I had a conversations with one of the users of the photo-hosting site where I host and take photos for my blogs. I told I feel that the time stops when I enter the yard of the cathedral. Seems I'm in the other times when I am there.

That user answeered me that he has this impression when he visits Lviv (Lvov). So I wanted to make a Lviv-tour looking the photos of this city on that site. And I found some very special photos. The old town seen from a height.

These yards are typical for all Europe, I think. I've seen them in Lithuania, in Italy. They are nice to visit but not to live. Because the persons that live on the first floors never see sun, the yards are wet. I think, the flats are wet too. But it's interesting how the persons use every meter they have. Look at this first photo. Not only that "tube-yard", but there is a terrace too. And the second photo with the pictures on the roofs...

Львов. двор-дудка
«Львов. двор-дудка» на Яндекс.Фотках

Расписные крыши Львова
«Расписные крыши Львова» на Яндекс.Фотках

20 February 2009

Your Vacation In Nicaragua

Today, when you are ready to plan your vacation, I want to suggest you a new destination you have not been else. Nicaragua. You can visit Granada, the 3-d city of the country and pass romantic days booking a room in Granada Nicaragua Vacation Rental, where you can live in the antique buildin in the historic center. Small internal gardens and very beautiful pool will donate you relax after your walks and visits of sightseeings in the city.

If you prefere swimming and surf, you will find incredible beaches and waves in in San Juan Del Sur. It's a little village that is situated not too far from the most important centers but here you can enjoy relaxing calm. Book your room in San Juan del Sur Hotel that is situated only some steps from the beach. The hotel has only some very beautiful rooms and has all necessary modern facilities.

Oh, I understand, your dream is to have a property on the splendid beaches like California beach. Nothing easier. The Pacific beaches of Nicaragua are not less beautiful. Nicaragua real estate offers you want you are dreaming about. You can own not only beachfront property but land or other solutions too. This is the most intelligent investment today. Visiting the site you will find many important information about this countrie and the possibilities it offers to you.

Carnival, Italy

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

24 of February is the day of the carnival here. They said it was opened in Venezia last Sunday, I think. There are not that big feasts as in North of Italy here. It is mostly for children. Even if you can see somebody wearing a costume in the street.

I remember, when I went to my friends as a tourist, there were different feasts "of a village" similar to carnival all the summer there. Residents of villages attracted tourists and visitors with these feasts and sold them everything they could. You could participate in a show, eat something made by the women of the village. One weekend it was in one village, other weekend in an other.

Storically the carnivals were organized to relieve tensions that the poor people had accumulated during the year because the life was too hard. In winter they had nothing to do and became aggressive. So the owners organized battles like orange-battle and similar. These usages exist in many cultures. In Italy, the carnival-time could continue even till 6 months.

Rea more in my post Carnival in Italy from Jan. 6, 2008

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

19 February 2009

Churches To Visit: Cathedral Of Salerno

Many tourists that come in Salerno want to visit the Cathedral. There is the grave of St. Matthew in the crypt there. Not many of them know about the history of this church and not many christians recognize the holy symbols that they meet there.

The curch was consecrated in 1086 and was built to make Normanns, new governors of the town, more acceptable for the residents. To "consecrate" new authorities were suddenly found the lost tomb and remains of St. Matthew.

After a bombing during the WWII the original normann church was discovered under the barocco-cover of the cathedral and bell tower, and you can see this very interesting architectural style today.

Cathedral is only some hundreds meters far from the main street. It's a place where I have to pass everytime I go to take keys of our museum and where I love to pass everytime, too.

17 February 2009

Churches To Visit: Made From Human Bones

Churches are different. Some of them are beautiful like those I wrote some time ago about. Others you would never see -many modern churches are so. This time I found photos of one too much spectacular church. I heard about it different times. And even said I wanted to visit it when my friend called me to come to visit her. It is not too far from Prague, I think. It is made from the bones of the persons dead during a Plague in Middle Ages. I new this story but I did not imagin that everything is made from bones in this church. Look at these photos.

Kutna Hora, Bohemia, Czech Republic

Интерьер костела в Кутной Горе (Чехия)
«Интерьер костела в Кутной Горе (Чехия)» на Яндекс.Фотках

Интерьер костела в Кутной Горе (Чехия)
«Интерьер костела в Кутной Горе (Чехия)» на Яндекс.Фотках

Интерьер костела в Кутной Горе (Чехия)
«Интерьер костела в Кутной Горе (Чехия)» на Яндекс.Фотках

14 February 2009

Best Prices In Best Hotels In Spain

If you have to visit Spain visit a new Hotelsespanol website where you can find last minute deals and very interesting pre booked discounts even for the best hotels in the country.

Being one of the most known cities of Spain, Barcelona offers to a tourist not only many sightseeings. Gotic and modern buildings like L'Eixample, traditional feasts and museums, meals in the typical restaurants and even football matches attract tourist. Barcelona Hoteles
Hotelsespanol can offer you the best solutions in any district of the city.

Las Ramblas is a very populated part of the city. Because here are different markets. Storically these markets were dedicated to only one type of goods. So in the La Rambla dels Ocells you could buy only birds. La Rambla de les Flors was a place where you could buy only flowers. Today you can buy anything in this markets. If you are in Barcelona to visit these part of the city, you have to book in Las Ramblas Hoteles.

Any place you want to visit in Spain, you have to visit Madrid, the gateway of this country. It is known for artistic and cultural events. But many persons come here to partecipate on the very lively and particular nightlife of this city. To book Madrid Hoteles Hotelsespanol offers you great discounts.

11 February 2009

Visiting Amalfitan Coast

Many persons dream to visit the coast of Amalfi. Those are spectacular rocks and little bays where on the stringes of earth some meters per some meters crowd together not more than hundred houses and people live. Every bay is a village. The biggest is Amalfi, others are Minori and Maiori and some else.

The only thing that can grow on that rocks are lemons. They are special, they say, and Amalfitans produce a sort of liqueur Lemoncello. I had even a receipe of this liqueur, have to look for it.

You can visit this part of coast with a car or with a bus. It's interesting to drive the mountain road -eng and in some places not very good. Specially if rains. We went there some times but my husband does not like it, I don't know why.

Once we decided to go in Sorrento (from the other side of these mountains if you look in the depth of the photo) for one feast. It rained that day and we thought nobody will go there with this weather. But we were wrong. All the population of Naples was -as always- on the road to Sorrento. And it is the only road there -you are obligued to follow it. Those some km-s (about 10 or less, I think) we made in 6 or 7 hours. At midnight we reached finally Sorrento and the only thing we wanted was to turn home.

And the only free way was to cross these mountains using the cross-way that finishes not far from our zone. The other way is along these mountains and it was completely blocked that day.

The cross way is not less spectacular as the coast way and surely is made not better. My husband drived very-very slowly and we saw about 10 cars finished off the road but not under the mountain fortunatelly.

After that feast I never could convince my husand to visit the Coast. :-)))


07 February 2009

The Cheapest Destinations In Europe

«IMG_1238_thumb.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках

January was very significant month for me. Thanks to internet, my relatives found me. I did not see them for about 30 or more years and was very glad to know they remember me. Some of them are married with Germans and live today in Germany. And now all of those want now to come in Italy for holidays. So, we have to think about interesting places to visit, about hotels because we have not place for great companies, about prices etc.

All this I tell you to explain that I know prices in our zone.

That is why I was surprized to read an article today. The name of that article was sometinng about most cheap cities in Europe. Written by a person that does not know real situation. Well, I know, many articles are written not from own experience but using internet resources.

So, if you want to visit something, you have to consider that:
1/ there are touristic zones and not touristic zones.
2/ In every touristic zone live persons that are locals and not tourists. And they can't pay tourist prices.
As the conseguence, it's enough sometimes to enter a non-touristic street to find non-touristic prices. It's enough to book in non-central street/part of a town to have half a price for a hotel.

You have to come some hours earlier if you have a meeting. This way I could find single rooms in hotels in Milano for 35-40 euros. Do you know how much have you pay in Milan for a room? I found an entire street of cheep hotels that I could not find when I looked for them in internet and in yellow pages. Well, it was 1 hour from the place of the meeting, but it was not a problem for me.

In the touristic street of Salerno you can pay for coffee even 1 euro. Make 10 steps in the side-street and you will find same coffee for 0,60 of euro.

My relatives wanted to come here and found a room in a hotel in touristic zone for 635 euros 5 nights for 4 persons, more they had to pay 18 euros parking a day. They want to come with their auto. Our non-touristic zoner is 12 km from the sea. We found a room for 65 euros for 4 persons (325 x5 nights) with parking gratis. In the center of a near town. What are 12 km made with a car?

So, I want to say, if you want to have non-touristic prices, use your brain when you travel.

Narrow streets of Salerno
«Narrow streets of Salerno» на Яндекс.Фотках

03 February 2009

How Do You Understand Tourism?

What picture appears in your mind when you say "tourism"?
I found these very beautiful photos and they represent the image of tourism I have in my head.
Do you like this tourism too or you prefere to visit cities and sleep in a good bed when you travel?

Мечта туриста
«Мечта туриста» на Яндекс.Фотках

Айгир - жемчужина Урала
«Айгир - жемчужина Урала» на Яндекс.Фотках
Aigir in Ural

Водопад в Лаосе
«Водопад в Лаосе» на Яндекс.Фотках
Luang Prabang in Laos
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