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20 June 2013

Flowers of Vesuvius

Vesuvius is a place where I pass relatively much time. I visit it with the tourists who come in Campania, a region in Italy, with cruises or on their own, and with a local group of excursionists.

It's not always easy for me. Specially when I have to drive and to tell stories to the tourists at the same time. The road is not the most direct in the world. With those returns every some meters. It is too narrow, too. And it means when you meet a bus, or, better, when one or some buses meet an other bus or a line of buses, the situation becomes very interesting.

Honestly, I hate to drive in such situations. I become so tired after this work!

Then, when you arrive on the parking place (I can't name it "square"), you have to climb about 500 meters till the crater of Vesuvius.

Not all of you know that Vesuvius has 2 craters. The large, Somma, has the diameter about 4 km and the Great Cone inside this first one, 500 m large. This is what all the tourists visit when go to Vesuvius.

I visited the inside crater with the excursionists on June, 9. Practically, it was the first sunny Sunday after many, many days of rains. The walk was so pleasant and incredible because flowers were everywhere. At the difference of all our gardens where the modern varieties flower all the year long, the plants in the nature follow the nature. So, you can see everything in flower only some days in a year. Here are some photos...

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