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24 November 2010

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17 November 2010

Alpine Paradise

Human being is done this strange way that we understand what we love only when we leave it. Somebody calls it nostalgie. And it's normally about the places we know very well, places where we were born, where we passed many years of our lives.

I did not know this feeling for many years till I begin to visit St Petersburg. It will seem not normal maybe, but I had my first nostalgie feeling for this city that I did not know too much, honestly. It was like obsession.

Many of us, who lives in central and northern parts of Europe, have a precise idea of Paradise: palms, sandy beaches, light breeze... I promote Caribbean cruises and learn much about this part of the world now, so, I have to confess, I acquired this other obsession myself, too: I dream about a cruise on Carnival Magic or Norwegian Epic...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Or, contrary, we think that Paradise are those southern towns where we can walk near that warm sea under the (same :-(  ) palms...
Dreaming about an exotic destination? Booking Hotel before you leave is important to have serene vacation.

Горы Латтари С Набережной Салерно 

Only when we have to live far from our cold and not so shiny motherland for much time, we understand that the best and the most rich nature is there; that the best "palm" is a spruce; and that Baltic (etc) sea is not worse than southern seas. The sun is mild and not merciless. And the colors are more interesting there. Do you agree that the Paradise pictures are these in the bottom and not those over here?

07 November 2010

Bella Napoli

Napoli is a strange city. Probably, you could read reviews telling it's beautiful, others write it's terrible. I live here 15 years and visit the city from time to time but I don't love it. I said it in many occasions. And I was not right. I learned it Friday, when I had a meeting in a completely different Naples than I've seen before. Because there is Naples and Naples. Here is the reason of this definition.

Here I wait for the bus when I have to go to Naples, it's about 2 km from my house only.

We have to admit that all the capitals (at least those I could see in my life) have the same problems of overpopulation with the consequences of it. So, central parts of Naples, those most known by the tourists, are not the cleanest neither most beautiful.

Incredible, mmm? Click over to see it big.

As a habitual visitor of the central parts of the city, I could see only the worsest, the most dirty and dangerous places. This time I was invited to come in the place I've never seen before. I was really shocked. I did not wait to see Bella Napoli. Beautiful Naples.

Now, when they explained me where we were, I think, this street has to go down to the sea.

Now I know that Naples is not what you see near the central railway station. It's a decent city. Important is you know where to go. Girls said me, there are places where you can't even imagine to be in Naples -where it seems you are in one of the capitals of Northern Europe. They promised to show me it next time.

More posts about my last visit of Naples I'll publish in "Marvelous World of Travel", invite you to visit it next days and to leave me your precious comments that I love so much!

02 November 2010

Royal Palace. Incorporated

Наш музей -римские термы и дворец лонгобардовThis building (right) is the original Longobard royal palace built about 774AD.The corner you see here collapsed probably about 80 years after the palace was built and the discendants of Arechi II built an other residence. Interesting is not the fact that this is extremly rare example of the civic Longobard building but that the persons continue to live in the 2000 years old constructions. More. All Salerno is based on Roman foundation, and the houses were repaired and adopted to the modern uses all the time of existance of the towns, because persons continued to live always inside the town walls. You have to visit Naples to see really extreem solutions in this sense.

Today, I wanted to show you, how antiquity is discovered where nobody could imagine it.

If you walk in the Old Town of Salerno, you can see Roman columns here and there. I even took some shorts once but could not find them now. I always asked what are they doing here, those columns? And they said me: medieval persons liked beauty too and they put these columns here in the streets to make the town more beautiful.Everybody thinks so, probably. But the citizens of the towns were more practical. They did not do such hard work only to put something "beautiful" in their streets. There were reasons for every component. This concept (mine) was proved recently during the renovating of the wall of the house near the column that was near the ex-royal palace (right on the photo).

They found the arcades of the royal palace! From the documents was known that the actual church and excavation site were the end of the palace that continued in the direction of sea and was covered with the pieces of marble from the Roman villas so that it sparkled in the rays of the sun. Now, it's clear that the palace had these splendid arcades too. It had to be really beautiful. The envoy of Charlemage said in 787, he heard about the beauty of this palace but did not wait to see something similar. They said, this envoy was disguised Charlemage that wanted to see Salerno himself. In fact, Charlemage built than a similar palace for him -it is known that that palace was built later than that of Salerno.


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