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21 March 2013

Architecture of Rajasthan

This blog is about the places all over the world I would like to visit. If I will not have the possibility to do it in this life, I'm sure, I will do it in my next life. Sometimes I think, I have to imagine me as a woman-bird. Do you remember those birds like late images of Sirens on the Greek vases. Even if the normal human body as this statue left looks better for me...

So, I like imagine me as a Siren flying far far, round the world and visiting all the most incredible creations of the human beings. One of the first places would be India. I heard about it's incredible palaces and gardens from my childhood.

Now, I found different forts' and palaces' names and wanted to see if I can read some more about them to feel myself like a Siren flying over them. Kumbhalgarh Fort (XV cent), Chittorgarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort (hotels in Jodhpur), Pink City of Jaipur.

This is Mehrangarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort

Hawa Mahal Palace in Jaipur

Very beautiful and incredible architecture of this last one is great attraction, but as a Siren, I would prefer the first one, Mehrangarh Fort, specially because I like the human stories about every place I visit. And, in those few texts I read before I write this post, I've just found some of them. One about a man which was immured alive in the basement of the fort. They say, raja promised him his family will have special treatment for always. Imagine, the family still lives there! Voluntarily immured... I can't understand it, you know... the mental state of such persons.

12 March 2013

Castle Saint Elmo in Naples

This year is absolutely anomalous. We hardly had a week of good weather from September, I think. Rain, rain, rain - every day, all the days long. And if some shy rays can go out from the clouds - it does not last for long time. This morning, I had to go shopping and was very happy that the sun shined brightly. Two hours later, the rain began. And it has not any intention to stop.

Two days ago, we were much more fortunate: it was a day without rain. And we visited one of the most important castles of Naples, castle Saint Elmo. It is always a great pleasure to go there since this most high point of the city is special at any time, despite the not always good weather. You can see all the gulf of Naples with all the islands, Vesuvius. And all the Naples. ALL it's parts.

The castle makes impression with it's massive walls and incredible power. You feel yourself an ant near it.

And it looks like a little town when you leave the lift and go out on the "parade ground". 

It was built by the best military architect of the time. And was thought to be impossible to occupy. But... sarcasm of the fate... it was occupied by every kind of conqueror and destroyed many times.

11 March 2013

Fontana Nissan Car Dealerships

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07 March 2013

We Visited Vesuvius in March

If you think to visit Campania in Italy this year, you have to remember the crisis and be ready to pay more than a year ago for example. Even if I think, the constant - sometimes two-three times a season - increase of the prices of the most important tourist objects are absolutely unjustified. It's absurd when the exaggerations of the governors have to be paid by the persons who appreciate history, culture etc.

The best option to go to the crater of Vesuvius is surely a car. There are bus from Ercolano and Pompei but they give you only one hour to arrive to the crater and to turn back to the bus stop.The problem is that one hour is not enough for a calm walk. So, you have to run up and down. Specially, if you have children or persons which are not very quick. 

Vesuvius, for about a year, I think, had not smokes. This time, there were many of them on all the walls. My tourists were afraid. They asked me if it means that Vesuvius will erupt now. No, do not be afraid! Much time before the eruption begins seismic activity. It's impossible that the eruption begins from one moment to other.

We had a little girl with us and she did not want to go around the crater. And the mother remained with her. Sometimes, children are very persevering. But I admire the parents which travel with their children.
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