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29 August 2012

Consider These Advises During Your Beach Getaway

If you are traveling to the beach or staying at a hotel with a pool, pack your swimsuit in your beach bag. It can sometimes be difficult to sort through everything you have packed. To save time, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and anything else you might need for the beach or pool in a beach bag.

For a trip to wine country or just a beach getaway, if there's a chance you'll be drinking wine, pack a waiter's corkscrew. This tool will come in handy for the bottles you buy at the winery and can make picnics and hotel drinks much easier. A corkscrew can be especially difficult to buy when traveling abroad, so plan ahead and toss one in your suitcase to make life easier.

Make sure to choose a type of vacation that suits your personality. If you hate being outdoors, you shouldn't go to the beach! Personality styled vacations are becoming increasingly popular these days, with everything from adults-only cruises to geek-friendly trips. Search for a vacation that you will truly enjoy.

Bring clothespins on your next trip. While not on your typical travel list, a handful of clothespins can prove very useful. They can be used to hang up a wet beach towel or bathing suit, keep snacks fresh and from spilling in the car and can be used on hotel curtains to ensure that you don't wake at sunrise when light comes streaming in.

If you want to escape your daily routine and not have to worry about anything, you should consider going to a tourist resort. These resorts take care of absolutely everything for you and create a safe environment. It is easy to make new friends and keep your children entertained while you enjoy the beach and great weather.

16 August 2012

At the Springs of the Calore River

This trip was absolutely new and unexpected. My husband who loose his head dreaming about a special place for ornamental ducks, decided to visit a man with the same passion. My husband did not know where that man lives in sense that we did not visit that part of our region before. I did not know anything about it, too. So, I even did not take my photo camera with me since I did not wait to see anything worth a photo. One of my friends said me many times that I have always to put the photo camera in the bag or in the car. But I do not learn from all my previous experiences.

So, we arrived in Capaccio and took a lateral road. Everything was very different from the most frequented parts of the region. Clean, calm, beautiful. There were many -really many- persons who walked alone, in groups and with dogs long that way. I could not understand: what are they doing in this forgotten by God and people  place?

After other 20-30 kms I understood.

A medieval village on the rock

...and a river under that rock

---with special places to enjoy staying near that medieval bridge and that river under that rock

In the immensity of the space, there was not a memory about the not too far existing noisy world

For thousand of years looks that town on the under it laying silence...

09 August 2012

The Streets Near Central Railway Station of Milan

As I just wrote, I was some times in Milan this year. I betrayed my usual hotels district and wanted to live near the railway station. I booked my hotel via (from the form here in the sidebar) where I found a good price, the better among all the other competitors, and so, I lived two steps from the Central station and from two different Metro stations.

Since I pass relatively often by central station of Naples, the difference between these two cities was the first thing I've noticed. And it was shocking.

Unbelievably clean and calm. There were young boys and girls in the evening but they were calm, too. There were some "strange" persons, and I felt not very sure when I had to pass near them. But they were not so intrusive.

This summer is stuffy in Milan, too. And the streets were dusty and hot. But it was a pleasure to walk in the streets of this city.

And this is the building of central railway station of Milan. Historical front but new and modern inside.

05 August 2012

Dubrovnik... Dubrovnik

They say that Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. I never visited it even if I have this destination in my schedule and it seems it's very easy to reach it now with the new train-ship offers of Trenitalia.

If you still did not know about it, I can tell you, because I receive newsletters from Trenitalia from the moment I've bought my first ticket to Milan this year. So, it's possible now to book 2 tickets together: high speed train + a ship that will transport you directly in Dubrovnik. And since with some fortune it's possible to buy a ticket with really small amount of money (there are 9, 19, 29 euro tickets this year), a short time travel to such desired destinations became a possibility to think about.

I do not know, how much would cost such a travel, I did not read about it because I was too busy in the last period. But I began to dream that once I'll be able to visit this town, too.

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