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26 January 2010

Two In One Travel

Рекогнастировка на местности...
«Рекогнастировка на местности...» на Яндекс.Фотках

This post is a suggestion how to invent your next travel.

Imagine that you desire to have this or that object. We take a binocular as examle. You find information about different types of binoculars and think, one of them has to be very best for your aims. So, you visit the site of the main producer to find resellers of your zone and... understand you've never been in this country and in this city.

1 -We can imagine, the prices in the shop of the manufacturer have to be not so high as those of the resellers.
2 -if you have a wish to look for a last minute ticket, you can find great deals in internet.
3 -a weekend trip with 1-2 nights in that place can be not very expensive because you can find right prices in internet

with the same money you have to pay for the object you desire not far from your home you can organize a trip in a place you did not see else and buy the object of your desires.

Two In One Travel, my friends. And I'm the rightful author of this invention. :0)))

Через бинокль.
«Через бинокль.» на Яндекс.Фотках

22 January 2010

Places Remembering Giordano Bruno

With this post I want to continue to follow the pathes of very important characters of the human history.

Here I begin with Giordano Bruno, a rebel monk. He teached different ideas that were against the doctrine of the church. First of all, he thought, the Earth turns around the Sun and not contrary. He thought, there are many planets similar to our Sun and the Universe is very big (Read this post too: What We Are In The Universe? )

The life of Bruno beginns not far from the place I live, near Nola, a not very big town behind Vesuv.

He studied at the monastery in Naples and 17 years old entered the Dominican Order. He did not want to follow the philosophy of the church and had his own point of view. For this heresy he had to run away from the church all his life. He changed many places but finished his life in Rome, where was burned at the stake by Roman Inquisition after 7 years of the prison.

Here you see the view on the zone where he was born with Vesuv in the background.


And this is the palace of the Inquisition in Rome, piazza dei Fiori, where Bruno was prosecuted. He was burned here too. The statue you see over here is situated in the same square too.

09 January 2010

The Winter Festival In Edinburgh

If you look for the very best place for your winter vacation, you have to think about winter festival in Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital. This city has many sides that attract tourists to visit it all year round. Vaste gardens in the centre of the town, fantastic medieval buildings and castle, houses with ghosts and not at least the traditional kitchen do not leave indifferent any heart. But the festival in winter is something completely special. Book your Edinburgh accommodation not far from the Old Town and enjoy all the possible spectacles and activities just under your windows. It's no matter, are you alown, with your friends or have little children. You will find appropriate entertainment even for babies there, because there are special programs for people of every age during this festival.

Edinburgh is sparkling. In this Fairyland you are not only a spectator. You can combine skating on the largest UK ice rinks, sliding, shows on open air with excellent shopping. The rinks have parts dedicated to the little children, if you look for family activities. Fable characters will play with them, and you can taste plates of traditional kitchen nearby. You can book your Edinburgh apartments not far from the places of your interest in the Old Town or in the New Town and live directly in the middle of the feast. From there is easy to visit the Winter Wonderland, Ferris Wheel, the Reindeer Gardens and surely the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle.

And don't be afraid to be not in time for the festival because it lasts for more than a month.

Tango In The Streets

I heard so much about persons dancing tango in the streets of Buenos Aires, and asked my husband to go in that parts of the city, where is it possible to film them. But he is unbearable. "No, I did not go there because you've said me I have not to look at other women". Ohhhh!!! I wanted to kill him!!!

I like folk dances. You will remember maybe my posts about dances of different nations -I will surely continue this collection).

Dances in the streets are surely not onlty Argentinian custom. During St. Patriks days we danced in the streets of Turin, for example. It was exciting. I like it!!!

I found these 2 videos in You Tube and hope you will enjoy the music and the brave dancers.

Gardens In The Muslim Culture

The first time I noticed the peculiarities of the Muslim Gardens was when I saw the mosque in Mariupol. There was a little garden with fountains, pathes made probably with white marble or other white stone near it. In other place there were white peacocks too.

I remembered that beautiful little mosque when I heard about the gardens, the Mughal Empirors built in India. Yes, I continue the theme I began in these my other posts
Arches Of Triumph
Temples Of Orchha

Residences were -and are today- with great gardens. In the garden on the photo here there are over four hundred fountains!

I think, the summer residences of the kings in Europe in 1700-1800 were inspired by these Muslim gardens in India and Persia(about 1600-1700), because they thought, the governors in India and Persia were infinitely rich.
On the photos here are Petrodvorets (Russia) and Caserta (Italy)


Now, the question is: WHY all these gardens in Mughal Empire?
Do you know the answer?
I will say it to you.
It was, for the Mughals, the representation of the Paradise, how it is described by Muslim religion (in Koran probably, but I'm not sure).

Russian Orthodox Church In Buenos Aires

Русский Храм В Аргентине

It may be, you will not belive me, but my husband found a Russian orthodox church in Buenos Aires. The relatively old church, built in 1904 and adorned with icons and mosaics sent there by zar Nicholas II and Zarina Alexandra is situated in a beautiful park Lezama (or nearby).

Русский Храм В Аргентине

This is a classical look of the Russian churches. They are built this way at least from X-th century. What I liked when I was in Russia last time, the modern churches have the same architecture. I see many modern Catholic churches here, in Italy. As for me, I would never pay the architects for such humiliations of the House of God. THEIR God, of those architects. A photo and my thoughts about it you can read in my post about the modern churches too.

Fortunatelly, Russian Orthodox Church as institution did not arrive at this point and their Houses of God continue to enjoy the eyes of the persons.

Русский Храм В Аргентине

08 January 2010

The Best Ever Vacation Planned And Booked Online

Finished the last vacation, we can just sum up the experiences and think about the next one. First of all, Planning Your Next Vacation Online is surely te most wise and time preserving way to find the best solution for the conditions you think you will have when you are free next time. You need only to be patient.

Begin the preparations visiting sites that have special offers. Online travel agencies, main pages of airline companies publish interesting suggestions that are often all-inclusive. I was surprized to know, it's possible to go in many places of my dreams paying really accessible sums.

The other reason why you have to begin your preparations just now, is that the prices of the flights are often not so high, if you book them some month before you have to fly. Visit all dedicated sites, and you will find a great offer waiting for you. This is my modus operandi, my personal system.

Once decided where you want to go this time, study all the attractions that are in the zone. It is very important. Yes, you can buy a map or a book about places of your interest. The problem is they are often too expensive or you have not time to look inside or -what unfortunatelly is very frequent- they are out of stock. And after all the efforts you have only general look at the place of your dreams.

There is a possibility to assure your vacation in a place you like, and to make money when you are at home. Those are Real Estate Investments, an interesting way to invest money.

Arches Of Triumph

Рим. Арка Септимия Севера
«Рим. Арка Септимия Севера» на Яндекс.Фотках

I'm not sure but I think, the triumphal arches come from Ancient Rom (over here). At first they were built to celebrate victories in war, later to show how rich and powerful this or that governor was.

2 photos here (Moscow and Paris) represent the great wish to be similar to Romans in all times. What is interesting, not only Europe was afflicted by this megalomania. The last photo shows the most big triumphal arch of the world that you can see if you visit Fatehpur Sikri in India. The name of this construction is Buland Darwaza, that means "great gate".

Триумфальная арка.
«Триумфальная арка.» на Яндекс.Фотках

Paris 2007январь
«Paris 2007январь» на Яндекс.Фотках

Вид на величайшие ворота в мире - Буланд Дарваза
«Вид на величайшие ворота в мире - Буланд Дарваза» на Яндекс.Фотках

Temples Of Orchha

Храмы в Orchha
«Храмы в Orchha» на Яндекс.Фотках

In a documentary about Empires of India there was very interesting part about the temples of one of the princely states, existed here from 1501. India was devided in many little states in that period and had to stand the occupation of the mongols.

Our imagination that the raja were very rich and had very nice life comes from that times too.

The pantheon involved great number of gods in India, and it was the only thing common for all the states. That is the reason probably of so many temples, entire towns of temples.
What is interesting, the most muslim mongols were very tollerant in confront to the religions of the population. Many famous buildings like Taj Mahal are examples of this mix of the cultures.

While in Orchha you can see a temple of Indian architecture. The Lakshmi Temple(Wikipedia).

Important Question About The Radiography In The Airports

Do you like the idea about the radiography in the airports?
I don't like it.
No, it's very useful and good that nobody will be able to take explosives in the flights. If one flyes one time a year, I would suggest to give him his radiography that he can give it to his meditian and control his health. :-)

Different years the science says, it's dangerous for health to make it (radiography) more than 1 time a year.
How about those who has to fly some times a year?

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Winter Fable For Everybody

It's a pitty, if you pass your winter breaks not in Edinburgh, UK. There are other seasons to visit museums and exhibitions, believe me. In Edinburgh, you can dedicate all your time to the open air activities. The city has different gardens that are transformed in wonderland in winter. The society teaches us to dream and offers possibilities to see our dreams becoming reality. And this is what you will find if you visit Edinburgh in winter.

You can book your Edinburgh apartments in advance online. This way you can find the nearest to the places of your interest accommodation. The other of the benefits of this foresight is you can plan your vacation using the informations from the residents of the zone. And who knows the best solutions and events better than those who lives in the town?

The best entertainment in Edinburg in winter offer the gardens. And the spectacles become much more impressive in the nighttime, when multicolor lights transform visitors, artists and objects in parts of magic performance, where everybody feels himself the main character of this universe of the feast.

For this reason you have to choose your Edinburgh accommodation carefully. Specially if you plan to pass this vacation with children. If you remain till the late night to skate and slide, to partecipate on the spectacles, it will be easier, if you stay in a hotel that situates not far from the parks.

There are skating and sliding ice rinks for the visitors of all ages in Edinburgh. But if you are just tired, your children want to skate more and more. Don't worry. Let them do. In that time you can taste traditional foods and drinks near the rink. We, adults, have our own image of the fable.

05 January 2010

Some Views Of Buenos Aires

Буэнос Айрес

Buenos Aires is probably the biggest city of Argentina. I've heard in the documentary, it has the population only 3 millions of persons. Not too much. I thought, it has to be much more larger.

Do you know that in 300 largest cities of the world live about 640 million people? The largest with about 10 mil. 300 is Seoul. Buenos Aires is on the 49-th place. Maybe I've heard about São Paulo, Brazil that is the second large city of the world, and not about Buenos Aires. By the way, the second large city of Argentina, La Matanza, is only on the 235 place in the list of large cities.

My husband went in Buenos Aires for his vacations in December, and I gave him my old photocamera. In this post I want to show you some of the photos he took there. Sincerely, I was surprized to see all the photos he took. I don't know why, I did not expect, it's a normal city. I don't know what I thought it has to be. Maybe something exotic. And what I see here is a city similar to all other cities I visited in my life...

Буэнос Айрес

Буэнос Айрес

Буэнос Айрес

Буэнос Айрес

Буэнос Айрес

This last view is the best, I think. I did not understand, why nobody swimms there? Have to ask my husband when he turns home from work.
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